Sometimes you just have to get out of the house

I need to get out of the house in the worst way. Working and living in the same place will do that to you.

I kid you not, I went to Home Depot after work on Tuesday just to get out of the house. Tonight, I went to the grocery store. I hate going to the grocery store.

Actually, I went to the grocery store because the fridge was empty, and I didn't have any cereal. It's a good thing I got cereal because when I got home, I decided I didn't buy a single thing I cared to fix tonight to eat.

To share more boring details of my life, the bananas were too green to eat tonight. I always buy the the greenest bananas I can find at the store because I can't stand bananas once they start to spot. However, when I bought the bananas, I didn't plan on eating them tonight.

A reason to get out of the house is a big reason why I am addicted to Sonic and Route 44s... just a reason to get out. To drive my car that I'm making payments on that hasn't left its spot in the garage in days.

My mother, the queen of just wanting to stay home and not do anything on Saturday because she's been working all week, is now experiencing this. Now that she is retired.

Dad has gone on and on about buying these antique doorplates for one of our craft projects that we sell. On and on about needing to find some. I bought him 13 off of eBay this week and told him he was not allowed to buy anymore.

So, he calls tonight, "it's a good thing you found those because we've been all over the place looking for them today and couldn't find any."

"I told you that you couldn't buy anymore, but you went out looking all over the place anyway?"

"Well, we wanted to get out."


But, noooooooo. I tried to go somewhere last Saturday, but they wouldn't go because the nieces had basketball games.

This weekend, I am going to be caught between wanting to get some crafty painting done or getting out of my house on my own.