I'm going to lament the death of McDreamy some more

After watching Grey's Anatomy and blogging about how my Thursday nights will never be the same, I spent the rest of the evening commenting on Facebook and Twitter how ridiculous I thought Derek Shepherd's death was handled on the program.

Me and half of America.

I also created a "Long Live McDreamy" board on Pinterest. I was obviously having a moment.

Now, I'm actually making this Friday post on Saturday because I didn't get around to making my daily post  and am trying to catch up. I had planned to talk about a conversation I had with a friend Lori Twichell about her take on the episode. Lori has written for TV and watched the show from the perspective of a writer and from the publicity/marketing angle. Lori blames me for actually watching the episode, but I don't know why she blames me because I think someone else would have talked her into it too.

Thankfully, I don't have to do the writing to share all of our conversation. Lori did that. If you want validation that yes, the episode was horrible besides the fact that no one wanted to see Derek, one of the most sensitive, gorgeous, kind, smart, dreamy guy on TV die, then click here to read Lori's post.

Much love to you, my friend. 


Twichie said…
You are, as always, awesome Audra. :) As much as I didn't want to watch (because then I could pretend McDreamy didn't really die) I loved our conversation after. I guess I shouldn't blame you - I should say you inspired me. Thank you. :)
Audra Jennings said…
Just don't start singing about how I'm the meaning in your life... I'm the inspiration. ;)