I'm not a patient waiter

Every day at work, we answer questions of when books will arrive. People are not patient waiting for a delivery.

I admit, I'm not either. The almost week it took for my new bedding to arrive was very long for me. I was dying to know if my Big Lots curtains were going to match or if I needed to return them for another color.

It's not perfect matchy-matchy, but I think the combo looks good. For those of you wanting to see how my new bedroom furniture looked, I was waiting to have the new bedding to post pictures.

All this because I wanted to replace the moldy dresser I didn't want to put back in my room from the water leak in the wall back around Christmas.

Because the sleigh style headboard comes out from the wall, and the bed has a footboard, there wasn't room to put anything at the end of the bed. So, you can still see the furniture stain the carpet cleaners couldn't get out. I didn't know the dresser had been wet until it was too late, and it left a mark.

The furniture also does not cover the place in the wall that was badly patched. Dad was convinced whatever I would get would cover it. Nope.

Because furniture wouldn't fit on this wall, I had to make it a decoration wall.

I wasn't going to post the fourth wall, but in case you were curious to know if I lived on a TV set or something with only three walls.

Much more colorful than this was!