Thank goodness for shelter and air conditioning

The Crafty Dad and Daughter took to the road again this weekend. The good news is we did better this week than we did last week at the Brick Festival in Ferris, TX.

The better news is that I didn't get a speeding ticket on the way home.

The best news is that I am now home, out of the sun, and in the comfort of air conditioning.

Air conditioning is a truly awesome thing.

This was the second of three weeks of having a booth somewhere to sell our crafts. The second week of getting up way too early for any day of the week, especially a Saturday. I have a "Saturday Rule" that means not getting out of bed before 9 AM. I was up 4 hours before that.

There's something about knowing I have to get up early that brings on insomnia. I slept some better than last week, but still woke before I had to.

I was outside from about 6 AM when it was dark and cool outside until 4 PM when it was very bright and very warm. I'm not used to that. Not at all. I feel baked.

I am a wimp.

Also, my peeling sunburn on the back of my neck from last week burned again.

In other news, I think I witnessed the world's shortest parade today. There was a band. There was a police car and fire truck. There were horses. Around here, those things are all necessary for a parade.

There was also a trash truck. Some of the nearby vendors found that odd. Maybe it's sad that I did not.

One more early Saturday next week. Thankfully not as early, and it's in town. OH, and most of all, thankfully, it's in air conditioning.