Just end Grey's Anatomy now

I live a pretty solitary life and grow attached to some of my TV shows. I've been a die hard Grey's Anatomy fan since the first episode.

I have screamed at the TV at unbelievable moments. Maddening moments. As characters were killed off in ridiculous ways.

Through it all, I have loved Patrick Dempsey's character, Derek Shepard.

The most maddening episode ever ended tonight. If Queen Shondra Rhimes thought the actor was being a diva, she didn't have to be so violent towards the rest of him and kill him like she did.

I guess she is ready to call this show quits because this is the WORST. She should have just left Mer and Der mad at each other and living on different sides of the country. They could have ended the series with Meredith flying off to live happily ever after.

If the show makes it through one more season it will be a miracle after ticking off all the viewers. Some of us will watch because we just can't help ourselves. It's Thursday night chocolate. I live for Thursday night TV.

Shonda should have just let Jake die tonight on Scandal. I guess that would have been too mean to do the same actor on her two prized shows. She already killed Scott Foley off Grey's Anatomy.

Maybe Patrick will make an appearance on Scandal some day. Half the actors that are on that show lived or died at Seattle Grace/Grey-Sloan hospital. Start watching Grey's from the first season and just count. Add a few actors from Private Practice too.

McDreamy... I was missing you before you were gone.


Wait. She killed off Derek? What the what? How is that . . . mind blown. That one doesn't make sense. It would have been better to do before the whole "I hate you" "I'm moving" "Just go" thing.

Good grief.