My week in Matt Damon memes

Remember how a few months ago, I did "My Week in My Big Fat Greek Wedding Memes"? It was pretty epic if I do say so myself.

In an effort to figure out what to blog about, I decided to make it Matt Damon week in honor of the release of Jason Bourne. After all, I've already posted about him twice this week. I even dreamed I was on set when he shot a movie this week. That dream won't come true, but another odd dream I had this week sort of has come true. If I had my preferences...

However, I was looking up memes to make a post and all the Matt Damon memes had language I don't want to post. While they might well be one way of describing my feelings they simply aren't appropriate.

I'll see if I can make something work though.

I have to say, I have felt mighty alone lately. Really alone. However, I am going to remind myself that I'm not the only human on Mars alone.

I have relatively no food in my house. So much so that I put what I did have in my chest freezer in my refrigerator freezer so that that I could defrost it a couple of days ago. The fact I even shared that is an example of how I have nothing to blog about.

Because I don't have much here, I did go to the grocery store last night to pick up a few things to get me by a few days. Because I hate to cook, I eat baked potatoes a lot. I picked up some potatoes. Potatoes are the food of lonely people, on Mars or otherwise. 

I did think I was having a bad day, but I was shocked into reality by this picture.

To even the score, this is a picture of why I don't wear my hair short and curly like my grandmother thinks I should.

I hope every one laughs at my brother. 

Most of my days are like this movie poster. I share this particular poster because the only reason I watched this movie was because Matt Damon was in it, even though I wasn't as obsessed with him then as I was now. I was trying to find things in Branson to do by myself, and the movies were all I could come up with after shopping. Long story. I really wanted to see Money Ball with Brad Pitt, but it wasn't on at the particular theater I went to. Horrible movie. I wouldn't have watched it if I weren't hard up on things to do by myself.

It wasn't my goal to make this a blog on loneliness. I was trying to cover more than that though I'm not going to lie, it was a big part of my thoughts this week.  

Maybe it's just because Matt Damon memes speak to that. 

This one also explains it.

There are not enough Oceans 11, 12 or 13 memes, let me tell you. Love Linus. (Also the only movies I actually cared for Brad Pitt in spite of my earlier comment about wanting to see Money Ball.)

Even though 13 wasn't his finest moment.

Ok, sorry, that's all I've got. I'll try to better next time.


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