Will JoJo have a new #hometown after #thebachelorette?

Tonight, we will be visiting the final four men's hometowns along with JoJo. What secrets will be revealed by family members? If your family can't embarrass you, no one can.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado is the first stop on tonight's tour. Chase is atop a snow covered hill waiting for JoJo to arrive. JoJo says that while they started off hot, he's been slower to open up than some of the others.

Since Chase's parents went through a very difficult divorce a number of years ago, Chase is going to introduce him to his father separately. This is some of the reason he's been a little guarded. Chase takes JoJo to his large house. I'm impressed. The doorbell rings, and Chase's dad is on the other side. Chase and his dad catch up with each other on what is going on. Chase says that his dad is in a second relationship, but is doing it right this time. Seeing how great he is with his second wife, they talk about what didn't work the first time around. The first time, he was focused on corporate life, and he doesn't want his son to make the same mistakes.

Chase's dad does warn that he keeps a wall up for a while. Chase does want to talk to his dad for a while. Strangely, it's not the parent that wants to take the Bachelorette off first. Dad warns of getting hurt like any dad does.

Later that night, they head over to Chase's moms house where his mom, step-dad, sister, brother-in-law and nephew await. He actually mentions his brother-in-law first. Maybe it's a bromance.

Momma Sandy wastes no time getting her one-on-one time with JoJo. They talk about how Chase expresses his love through actions, not words. JoJo is very comfortable with their conversation.

Chase and his sister talk about how hard it is for them to say, "I love you." She thanks him for the opportunity to share this unique TV experience. Then, Sandy and Chase talk. He wants to get her feelings on the same situation. Sandy keeps talking about her great laugh. She's also found out little things like she likes dogs and hates fish. The big question from her is, "are you ready to engaged at the end of this?" It brings them both to tears, and supposedly, neither are emotional people.

It just may be more serious than we realized between JoJo and Chase. They appear so comfortable this whole day.

Next stop, Chico, California to meet Jordan's family. JoJo had never heard of Chico before, but is super excited about the deer running around their meeting place.

This is where he runs and hikes up "Monkey Face" every morning. He takes her to Pleasant Valley High School where he graduated. One of his coaches is still there. They find some former teachers as well. They decide to go to the upcoming prom. Then, they make out in the library. Their smacking is way too loud for a library.

There are some pictures of him on a bulletin board in a coach's office. He's quick to change the subject when they see a picture of his brother Aaron. This gets her wondering where things went wrong with he and his brother. He won't be here, and it won't come up. Evidently, no one talks about this.

The last girl he brought home was a couple of years ago. He does say his family will be skeptical like he was going in. I suspect this house is going to have some drama. Maybe someone will say why they don't about Aaron.

They come bearing gifts for mom. She's nervous. He laughs it off saying she'll only be nervous for two seconds. They walk in where Mom and Dad are kicked back in recliners. Brother Luke and his girlfriend are there too. The girlfriend's hair is as big and hair-sprayed as Jordan.

Jordan admits he was the "spicy" child in the family. He was the one that threatened to runaway. Mom shares some childhood stories.

JoJo is OBSESSED with finding out about Aaron. She tries to get answers from the other brother. His hair is AWFUL, also long on top, brushed straight back and buzzed on the sides. So bad. Jordan and Luke have a boring conversation.

Dad and JoJo talk next. Though dad doesn't have much hair left, his is combed straight back too. He needs hair to cover his very tall forehead. JoJo asks how he feels about all of this. There's a lot of vague talk. JoJo tries to bring up Jordan following in Aaron's footsteps to try to get more, but still nothing.

Jordan and Mom talk. Mom is so chill. Listening to her talk is sort of like listening to someone high on gas at the dentist's office. Not crazy talk, just light, airy, high-ish voice.

When they leave, they sit out on a bench alone. JoJo is scared because Jordan has told her everything she wants to hear. He is the king of dodging the question and diverting attention. Jordan tells the cameras that he's not getting engaged just to try it out. He's going to be serious about it.

And now, it's off to Robby's hometown, St. Augustine, Florida. JoJo hasn't told him she loves him yet, but he is positive it will happen after she meets his family. 

Since Robby can't whistle, he has JoJo do it. At the call, here comes a horse and carriage to take them on a tour of the town. They pass the oldest church in America. She comments something about it being such a historical little town. Well, yeah, it's considered the oldest country in America after the Spanish landed on its shores.

JoJo tells of how they have been very passionate. There was this hot connection from the start. She admits though that one minutes she might be in love with him, but then she is conflicted because his last relationship lasted four years, and they only broke up a few months ago.

As they sip drinks after their ride, you can tell Robby is digging for a love profession because he talks about how much he has been waiting for this moment... since he told her he loved her. He does tell her tonight will be intense, but awesome. Here JoJo inserts her concern that the last chapter of his life isn't over. She liked that he said, "I love you," so early, but Ben told her "I love you" too. She too has had a long-term relationship and knows it's not as simple as just being done with it. He's very defensive. He asserts he's over and done with the last girl.

They soon head over to Robby's parents' house with an armload of gifts. It's mom, dad (aka Coach Hays), two sisters a brother-in-law, and two brothers. I think Robby is the oldest. Mom wants to know everything, so Robby launches into a recap of watching fireworks on the beach.

The brothers take Robby off to talk. The bros think JoJo fits perfect into the family. Yet, they tell him to be careful.

JoJo and momma Holly talk, and talk about how she and Robby talk about everything. Is there anything that worries you or you want to know? JoJo asks about the ex-girlfriend and if he might regret not taking time after the relationship down the road. JoJo admits to falling in love with Robby though she wasn't sure going in (that's part of the confession too). Mom says Robby means it if he goes for it.

However, when mom and Robby talk, she tells him what has been going on while he has been away. Someone (the ex's roommate?) has been spreading around word that he broke up with his girlfriend to be on the show. Robby gets upset, but mom says she knows it's not true. He doesn't want to get heartbroken again. He doesn't want these lies which correspond with JoJo's fears to be the reason it doesn't work.

Robby's sisters are telling JoJo what a hopeless romantic he is when Robby breaks up the conversation. Robby tells JoJo what his mom just told him... that he "wasn't here for the right reasons." She grills him on why the roommate would do this. She wants Robby to be honest. She's doubting this more and more.

The sisters go off to talk to mom about what happened. Mom hopes Robby reassures JoJo right away. JoJo is getting more and more agitated while he more adamantly denies it. She antes to know sooner rather than later if there is anything going on. "It was over with Hope nine months before it actually ended." They haven't talked since things blew up and she slapped him.

I don't like Robby, but I'm not completely sure JoJo isn't being a little unfair. On the other hand, maybe it's the most logical and sensible thing she's addressed. It's sort of like her obsession with Aaron Rodgers though.

They do kiss and get beyond the argument, at least for a minute. She decides to trust him. He loves her more after she's met his family, but why? I think he is a little too attached too quickly.

Last stop, Burnet, Texas to meet Luke's family. I want to like Luke, but he's so intense. There's something about him that makes me unsure. 

JoJo is seeing glimpses of emotional depth, but she wants to see more. She likes the quiet strength he has.

After walking around the block in her the cowboy boots he gave her on the first night, they get in his big truck and drive on out into the country to the family ranch. There are tons of cars, and apparently it's a family reunion. There's more than just mom, dad, and sister. There's 50 friends. There are all sorts of Texas characters in the crowd. Being a Texan, I can legit say that. I can also say her shorts and boots aren't out of place.

Mom says she seems to love people and him. Dad says she's engaging and beautiful. A great first impression. Luke asks his dad how he knew his mom was the one.

All I have to say is that Luke's people are the most real people. Good Texas people. Grandpa says they need to go fishing. Grandpa is good at picking on Luke.

Luke has a surprise, so he has to leave the smaller, actual family group, behind. They go on a horseback ride to a quiet place where a couch made of hay has been built.

Luke tries to get out his words. He grows on me a little bit. He's just not articulate, especially about his feelings. Tears come to JoJo's eyes. She just wishes she had more time because the thought of leaving makes her sad. But, he has one more surprise. They wander over to an area with a lit path to a heart made of flower petals. "I want you to know that my heart is yours and my heart is out there for you."

They have a soundtrack playing as he walks her to the car. The others didn't have a love song.

So once everyone gets back to Los Angeles, to save some time, the rose ceremony is being held in an airplane hanger. They'll fly off to wherever from here. 

JoJo is emotionally sick. She's become so connect. Everyone, except Jordan, seems pretty sure. She thinks she needs to say goodbye to Luke. Something will go down because we usually aren't told that in advance.

She picks up the first rose, looks over the crowd. Luke looks sick. She shakes her head. Luke asks to talk to JoJo as sec. She eagerly says, "yeah, and takes his hand as they walk off."

"So after you left the other night... I'm the kind of person who has to get things off his chest... I don't know if I said the right thing or not... I needed to tell you that I am in love with you, and I didn't get to tell you that the other night. It's been the only thing on my mind since then."

She gives him a hug and kisses him. He asks how she feels. JoJo says what he said was the one thing she needed to hear. She says, "thank you." Then, she walks one direction, and he goes back to the men. "Of course it changes things, but is it enough."

There will be no rose ceremony tonight because JoJo is having an emotional breakdown on the tarmac.

There will be two nights of The Bachelorette next week. The continuation of tonight's rose ceremony on Monday and the Men Tell All on Tuesday.