This week in Cincinnati

So last Friday through this Wednesday, I was in Cincinnati, OH. When I tell people this, the question that comes is, "why?" Good question.

I was there for CBA's International Christian Retail Show to run the media relations aspect as I have for the past few years.

There were other things going on in the city though too that we were not a part of.
  • Pete Rose weekend at the Reds games. Lots of former players, especially members of the Reds Hall of Fame were in town and at our hotel. I'm still not sure who it was I rode the elevator with though.
  • Hillary Clinton was in town speaking
  • A large gay pride parade
I have to admit, I'm not a fan of the city. I have been to a lot of places, but what struck me about Cincinnati is it's homeless population and the people on the streets all hours of the day and night. It's a big problem. Extremely troubling and sad.

However, ice cream was had (three times, in fact) at Graeter's, a local iconic treat. We did go to a Red's game after all the hoopla was over. However, we did not try the Skyline chili. I'm not a chili fan and simply cannot imagine eating chili with cocoa powder and cinnamon over spaghetti.

There were times when the media room became more entertaining than I could have imagined.

The biggest treat was meeting Caitlin face-to-face for the first time even though we've worked together almost four years! We also got to meet with a few of our authors.