So not cool ABC... Half of the country sat down to watch #thebachelorette only to get last week's show.

I'm not planning to go out and watch fireworks tonight. I imagine one of the dates on The Bachelorette will have fireworks, so that will just have to do.

I predict if Jordan goes home tonight, so will James. Alex may go too.

Tonight, we are in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Where were we last week?

The episode starts out with JoJo talking to Chris Harrison about being nervous about Robby admitting he was in love. She's worried about falling in love with two guys like Ben fell in love with two women. 

This is when I realize that while most seasons all run together, this is the episode from last week that is being re-aired. C'mon now! Not everyone has something to do on the Fourth of July. I didn't catch anywhere that we weren't going to have a new episode.

I planned my evening around this! I made sure I got my ribs and homemade ice cream in over at my parents and back home in time to blog. 

By looking at Facebook and Twitter, I was not the only one who didn't realize it would be a repeat. Evidently, there was no mention at the end of last show saying, "in two weeks..." You had to catch Chris Harrison tweet last Tuesday about it. 

Now, I guess I'll actually work on my VBS script for next week. I needed to be working on it anyway.