Friday night out

This work week has been a certifiable doozy. I can't tell you about it though. Some things could fill a blog's worth of material, I assure you. I just can't make it public which is a shame because I haven't had good blogging material in ages and ages.

Sometimes I don't have material because I live a boring life. Other times, I can't blog about stuff because I just can't blog about stuff. Then, I have to make up stuff to back post when I finally sit down to work on my blog.

I keep trying to post daily because I believe someday my blog will be decent again. Not great (because it probably never was), just decent.

Thankfully, Peyton had a free evening, and I did finally make good on a promise to take her shopping. We first started talking about it in April about going shopping. I also promised to take her out to eat for her birthday which was July 6, and three weeks after the fact she finally got her cheese enchiladas and a birthday present. Quality time!

I have no pictures to share with this post. As Peyton pointed out, she forgot she followed me on Instagram because I haven't posted lately. I'm failing there too!

I must have had a bad week because Peyton kept telling me I was being mean because I told her the kid screaming in Hobby Lobby was ridiculous. The girl was holding her mom's hand, but was screaming and crying, "I want you, Mommy." She got after me in El Fenix too for something. My behavior improved at JCPenney, Belk, Target and the Starbucks drive-thru.

She and I definitely need to do that more often.