Who will #thebachelorette want to be her in-laws?

From the previews alone, I think Rachel needs to flee all four men, their issues and their families. It looks like she's in for a whole lot of crazy on the hometown dates.

First up is Eric in Baltimore. 

Her first trip to Baltimore. His first time to bring a girl home to meet his family. He takes her to the "good part of the city," and warns her this is not where he grew up. She takes him into his family's neighborhood and passes a drug deal going down as they pass by. They go out on the basketball court where she cannot play in the shoes she has on. Eric's friend, Ralph, shows up to visit.

Rachel sees Eric as the kind of guy who can seize the day. She asks Ralph about Eric's self description of being a "cool square." He confirms it pretty much. Once Ralph leaves, Eric talks about all the men in his life who ended up in jail and how he tried to help everyone out. He moves on to talking about how strong his mom is. Then, there's more talk about the fact he hasn't brought any girl home before.

It's time to meet the family. Eric takes Rachel to his aunt's home in a high rise apartment building. I assume it's the most presentable option. In attendance are his parents, lots of aunts and a sister (maybe).

They start telling their story from the beginning. The limo introductions were supposed to be on Thursday night, but he was a part of the "Women Tell All" or "After the Final Rose" where Rachel got to meet a few of the men.

When Rachel sits down with Eric's aunt, Verna, she starts out asking how Rachel is handling being, "the first black bachelorette." Rachel admits to not being prepared for that. She's getting judged by so many people. However, love doesn't have a color. (Let me insert here that it seems kind of like she had to chose one black man to get this far. I don't see a lot of chemistry between the two of them.) Verna thinks that Eric is ready for love though.

Meanwhile, Eric sits down with mom (Karen) to talk. They talk about relationships with various people as he grew up and why Mom didn't show love in certain ways, even though he wanted her too.

Karen and Rachel talk next. Rachel says Eric is smart, funny and deep. They connect on another layer because he challenges her.

Eric talks to Dad. He talks about how structured Rachel's younger years were in contrast to his and how maybe opposites attract. Dad apologizes for all the stuff he did that caused Eric pain.

After dinner with everyone, Rachel tells Eric that his family took away all her nerves. He confesses how much he cares about her and has feelings of love for her. She says she really likes Eric, but I really don't see it.

Next up is Bryan in Miami.

Bryan is nervous about Rachel meeting his mom because she was a factor in his last relationship coming to an end.

Rachel says that Miami screams Brian to her: Hot, steamy, sexy and sometimes speaks in Spanish to her. When they meet up, he takes her to domino park where the professionals go to play. He speaks to the older men in Spanish, and she has no clue what they are saying. From there it is on to Calle Ocho (8th Street) where they experience local music and food.

Before they head to the house, Bryan tells Rachel about his parents. Opposites attracted in their case. Dad is soft-spoken while Mom is a fireball. Bryan is an only child, so she's evidently a mama bear. If all goes well, he plans on professing his love.

Mom lays it on thick with her first toast about the most precious thing in her life. Then she downs her drink straight down.

They detail their first meeting and so forth. Momma Olga takes Bryan off to talk. She tells him that he has had so many chances to meet girls and this whole thing surprises her. "Marriage is a serious commitment!"

Rachel talks to a younger woman - a sister? He said he was an only child, but there's not a caption. Rachel talks to her about the last relationship. It was the other woman's fault because she wanted Bryan all to herself and not share with his mother.

From there, Olga grills Rachel. Rachel talks about how open and aware Bryan was with her. Olga tells Rachel she would be marrying the family because they are very close and he is the love of her life. "If he's happy, I'm happy. If he's not, I'll kill you." Rachel laughs, but I think Olga might have been serious.

All I know about relationships and dating from personal experience: Steer clear of the momma's boys.

Bryan professes his love when they leave.

It's on to Madison, WI where Peter grew up.

She definitely seems more excited to see Peter than she did Eric. However, she does see his walls and that he's guarding his heart. After all, Peter did say he wouldn't propose if he wasn't completely ready.

Peter takes Rachel to a restaurant where his friends gave him a send off party. The friends come to welcome him back. Rachel tells that Peter told her that 8 out of 10 of his best friends are black. Both of his two male friends are black, and the women they are with are white. He asks the guys for some conversation away from the women. He talks about only knowing Rachel in the setting of the show and how he's really scared about proposing because he only wants to propose once in his life. One friend advises not to fear the future. The other says Rachel seems really genuine.

At the house, it's Peter's parents, his brother, sister-in-law (or possibly the flip - I was too busy typing to listen that close), niece and nephew. He's really good with the 3 year old girl. It makes Rachel realize what a great father he will be.

Rachel talks to the sister-in-law first. Rachel's biggest concern is if Peter is ready. The sister-in-law thinks he is ready, but knows there is something that has held him back.

Mom tells Peter she can see the chemistry. Peter talks about the walls he has had up and how he doesn't know when they will come down. He is worried about regretting the loss of an opportunity.

Rachel and Mom talk about where she sees herself in a few years -- married with more than one kid. Rachel asks if Peter is ready for marriage. Mom says he is ready for a family and a commitment, but maybe not a proposal or marriage. So, he's not a marriage kind of guy? I'm not completely sure what that means.

There's a little chit chat before she leaves while sitting on the front steps. He talks about how well she got along with his friends. That's how he knew there really might be a future. He doesn't go near saying, "I love you."

Last, but certainly not least among family visits is Dean in Denver.

To Rachel, Dean is her beautiful surprise. He starts their day out by taking her out on four wheelers. After that, they talk more about his family. She is going to meet his two brothers, one of their girlfriends and his sister. Then, it is on to his dad who is a yogi and his new wife who both have names I cannot spell. This is the first time for the whole family to be together in 6 or 8 years.

Rachel and Dean talk about the strained relationship with his father. She thinks Dean needs to make a step toward reconciling that relationship.

When they arrive at the house, Dean is terrified. He is determined it is going to be awful. As they walk in the door, everyone is sitting cross-legged in the floor.

Dean's father has converted to "some sort of sikh" (Dean's words) and wears a turban. (Dean describes his father as eccentric, but not solely based on his faith. There are other things.) Dad plays the gong as they all lay on the floor and meditate. Dad gives Rachel and Dean feathers which are supposed to be signs of his mother. He's very emotional and talks of how great his kids' mother was (the greatest except his current wife).

Dinner includes some kind of mung bean dish. Dean doesn't eat saying he wish he didn't eat before he came. Dean is much more uncomfortable than Rachel is. Dad asks everyone to leave the room so he can talk to Dean alone. Dad says he is glad he is doing what he loves. Dean asks, "And what is that?" "Hanging out with beautiful women." Dad says Dean is a different person.

Rachel talks to Dean's sister about why Dean and Dad haven't talked in a couple of years. It has to do with Dad's presence, or lack thereof, after Dean's mom died.

Dad thinks he's been a great dad because of how well Dean turned out. Dean holds lots of resentment and holds on to the arguments they had in the past. Dean is trying to talk to his Dad, but he doesn't really engage in helpful conversation with Dean. For as mellow and peaceful as his dad supposedly is, he has to be bleeped a lot.

Dean's dad has issues, plain and simple.

Rachel asks if she can talk to Dad. His answer is, "If I must. I'm kind of done." Rachel tells him about how important Dean is to her and that she wanted to meet him. He starts talking, but decides he is going to end the conversation. He wishes them blessings, but he didn't realize the harsh feelings Dean still has towards him. Rachel walks back in to find Dean laid out on all the pillows in the floor. Dean is a little concerned about what his sister said to Rachel. Rachel changes direction when she sees how frustrated Dean is. He apologizes for how everything has gone down. Dean says he's falling in love with her, and this all makes it all harder. Rachel says she's falling in love with him too. That's the most she has responded to anyone.

Time to talk to Chris Harrison...

When Chris Harrison asks how the week has gone, Rachel says it has been hard.

Eric's hometown was not a disappointment. There was a new energy, but he's never been in love. That's ok, but she needs him to know what she wants.

Bryan was the only one to say, "I love you." They touch briefly on his family.

Peter has been the one to hold back the most. She wants a proposal at the end.

Dean has been the biggest surprise. Not only is he fun, they have gone deeper. His family relationship is strange. He said he is falling in love with her, but she doesn't know if he knows how to process all these feelings.

Rachel starts crying, saying she feels so selfish, but then she knows she has to be to end up with what she's there for ... love.

It's time for Rachel to decide on one to send home. She has feelings for all of them and doesn't want to make the wrong decision. When addressing the men, she has a really hard time getting all of her words out. Before handing out a rose, she apologizes "to the man I have to send home."

The roses...

  1. Bryan
  2. Eric
  3. Peter
Dean has been freaked out the last couple of weeks and that's made him a little iffy, but I did like him best among the group. I don't think he's surprised. Rachel explains she doesn't know if he is ready for the same things she is even though they both said they were falling in love with the other. 

Once he gets in the car, Dean says he is shocked and confused and did not expect it. He doesn't seem to believe what she said about falling in love with him. 

Next week sends everyone to Spain where they will meet her family.