It probably was the most dramatic #mentellall in #bachelorette history

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From the previews, it might get a little more tense on The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All tonight. It's usually oversold, but it might actually be good.

They actually let DeMario on. Wasn't sure after the Bachelor in Paradise ordeal if that would happen.

Before anything goes down, we have to sit through a  most memorable moments countdown. The #1 moment was Ashley and JP's gender reveal ultrasound. Then an overview of the drama for the entire season between the men. Lots of bleeping, name call and accusations. It reminds me how I didn't really like anyone. I especially hated Lee. All the guys cheer on Kenny after the clips with Lee.

Chris asks Blake and Lucas (Whaboom) about their drama first. They didn't like each other from the get go. They start bickering and Iggy explains this is what it was like the whole time.

DeMario defends himself in regards to having a girlfriend by saying he texts a lot of women. That doesn't mean he dated her. "She was a side chick."

I can't even recap all of the blah, blah, blah. They all hate each other. There's plenty of eye-rolling. Whaboom accuses Iggy of being a joke. Will does call him on that and says Whabooom can't call anyone a joke.

I started off blogging live, then watched a Facebook Live of a pearl party for no good reason, so I'm way behind and tired now.

When discussing the Kenny vs. Lee drama, Dean, who has been quiet until now, says that Kenny was well-liked and he would back Kenny over Lee. While most everyone hates one another, universally, everyone hated Lee. Except DeMario.

Kenny didn't think Lee had a racism issue, Kenny thinks it's because Lee was out of his league and had to get attention.

The conversation continues as Kenny joins Chris Harrison in the hot seat. Cue highlights of Kenny and Rachel... The softer side of Kenny. Not the wrestler, the dad. Then, clips of Rachel telling Kenny that Lee called him aggressive. Ultimately, Kenny and Rachel mutually decided he should go to be with his daughter.

Chris asks Kenny if the situation with Lee stood in the way of really having a relationship with Rachel. Everyone seems to like Kenny. They didn't see the aggressive side that Lee told Rachel about. Lee tries to defend himself a little bit after admitting he did some things wrong. Kenny points out the things Lee said in on-camera comments. There's not much more to be said about that. As a surprise, Kenny's daughter MacKenzie comes out on the couch with him. Kenny tears up because he's so excited. Kenny's birthday is tomorrow, so Chris Harrison is going to send them to Disneyland.

Next in the hot seat is Lee, as if he hasn't gotten enough screen time. Lee says his problem is he makes inappropriate jokes when he is uncomfortable and it gets him in trouble. Lee has a hard time defending himself with any question asked. 

Dean gets hot and points fingers at Lee's social media, calling him out for how he acted afterwards as well. There were some terrible tweets as read by Chris Harrison. Josiah gets mad and comes down to call him out on some racist things he said. "Why were you on the show trying to date a black woman?" After a commercial, he's still being called out and asked about racist attitudes by other men.

Lee says he did and said some stupid things. They are trying to hit on the point of whether or not he recognizes some of the racist and misogynistic things he said. Lee says he is sorry, but they keep asking him what exactly he is sorry for. Finally, they get hi to say what they want to hear.

Chris Harrison notices Lee is literally shaking in his boots being put in such a position. When it's all said and done, Lee and Kenny hug it out, and Lee says he wants to apologize to Rachel.

Before Rachel comes out, Dean gets his time in the hot seat. Cue highlight reel including, "I want to go black..." The blimp date... The great times... The hesitation about his family... The crazy dad. Letting Dean go.

It is obvious the closing scenes of Rachel talking about letting Dean go were hard on him. He was falling in love with her. He said he would not have proposed without her seeing that family dynamic and everyone went into it agreeing to do so. His dad was called by producers and was willing to be on the show.

Finally, it's time for Rachel to come out and recap all of this with everyone again. Maybe they are afraid she will spill the beans about something, and this happens every time, but there would be less re-hashing if the Bachelor or Bachelorette came out before the last twenty minutes.

Rachel says she thought she knew what it would be like, but she didn't know about the men she was going to meet. She first addresses how it was to say goodbye to Dean. Dean invites himself up to the couch to talk to her. Dean wants to know why Rachel said she was falling in love with him to give him the boot a few days later. She says she meant it, but I'm not sure Dean really got an answer.

From there, they move on to DeMario. There's really not much to be said there.

Onto talking about racism and being the first black Bachelorette. She didn't think it needed to be emphasized over and over. Race was not an issue for her through her relationships.

They move on to talking about Kenny and Lee. Rachel says she was disappointed in how Kenny handled the situation with Lee. Watching it back now, and seeing how bad Lee behaved, she is really to take him offstage and give him lessons in black history and women's rights. Lee takes the moment to apologize for how badly he behaved.

There's a little talk with Matt and Adam about not being quite there to proceed to hometowns.

Fred tells Rachel that he had feelings before stepping out of the limo, but he was the one person who wasn't ever given a chance.

From there, we get the blooper reel and highlights for next week. Who will it be? We all know it's going to be Bryan, like him or not.