Where will #bachelorette Rachel be headed next week on hometowns?

Tonight Rachel will narrow the field of six down to the four men she will take on hometown dates. Everyone is in Geneva, Switzerland this week.

When Rachel comes in to give them a rundown of the week, she announces there will not be a rose ceremony. There will be three one-on-one dates and a group date and roses will be given on the dates.

The first one on one goes to Bryan. The others are deflated as she tells Bryan to go get ready. She tells the men to trust her and not get in their heads. 

Adam doesn't get why she's into a guy like him and is now angry he gets more time with her.

Rachel walks Bryan out to a Bentley convertible, and he is giddy. They drive around the city, passing the United Nations and the other sites. Since Switzerland is known for chocolate, cheese and watches, they go watch shopping. She buys him (and herself) a big honkin' watch.

From there, it's a boat ride. She finds a quiet confidence about him very attractive. I still don't really get it, but I'm not really into any of the guys this season.

Back at the hotel all the men are talking about Bryan. I don't know if it has just come to that point in the season where every man is an enemy or if they genuinely don't like him. 

Back on the date, they have a little picnic and boring conversation about what they like about each other talk.

At the hotel a date card arrives. "Dean - Put on your Sunday best."

Adam is annoyed again. Dean is looking forward to the date, but doesn't have the best relationship with his family right now, so that makes him uneasy about next week.

Cut to the "dinner" portion of the date. Rachel doesn't understand why Bryan is still single. He seems too good to be true. She wants to find out more about his family.

Bryan thought he had a good family, but was sent to an all-boys school in 4th grade when he wanted an earring. He swears he wasn't a bad kid. He throws it back to her asking about her private school.

He changes the subject to past relationships before adding his family will love her. She pushes on what his last relationship was. Bryan said it was passion-centered and was a lot really early. At a wedding in Columbia there was some kind of conflict between the woman and his mom. The woman broke up with him over it. This evidently doesn't concern her much. Rachel gives him the rose saying she needs to meet his family to learn more about him. An orchestra starts playing as they chew each other's faces off.

Now, it's time for Dean's date. Rachel is hoping to build on their date in South Carolina. They are in old town Geneva. They are going to a Catholic Mass which will be in French which neither will understand.

She wants to make sure she finds someone who will honor and respect her faith. I'm completely on board with that, but this is an odd date. After services, they have danishes and coffee with the church members and ask how long they have been married. Afterwards, they stroll the streets. It's a little rainy and they dance to the crank organ.

They start talking about how she has never been to Aspen. Dean's nervous about telling her about his non-traditional family dynamic. What's his big secret?

At the hotel, it's more smack about talk about who Rachel is choosing to go on dates with. This time, it's Peter and Eric talking. 

At a cafe, Rachel talks about their last date, then moves on to trying to dig more information from him to get to know him better. His first question is whether or not she believes in the tooth fairy. She redirects to talking about making the best use of their time. He reverts back to silly questions and complimenting her. Rachel is looking for depth, and his joking isn't cutting it.

The guys are still speculating on Dean at the hotel when the next date card arrives. "Peter - We're at the peak of our relationship."

Eric is now thinking who the top three is and that he has to rise to the top of the group date with Adam and who is the other guy? Matt. They have left like zero impression on me. 

Over dinner, Rachel tells Dean that the date was planned to get him to open up, but she got nothing during the day. Dean laughs and says it was weird. He says he really, really likes her, but it's hard to put himself out there knowing he could get crushed. Dean has a hard time spitting it out. All the other guys are excited and thinking about how their family will like her. Dean talks about how things changed after his mom died and his dad never became what he needed to be. His dad didn't contribute emotionally to his upbringing. His dad become more eccentric, and he doesn't want her judging him on his family. This was enough to earn him the rose. It didn't take much.

The next day, Peter and Rachel explore the Alps from a helicopter. She points out to him that she had the very first and very last one-on-one dates. 

The time between their dates has made Rachel miss Peter. They cuddle up next to each other on the small dog sled. When they talk with snow stuck in their hair, freezing their butts off. He admits the long times between dates sometimes made him question being there, but is glad he stayed.

Rachel is glad he was real and open. It terrifies her too. As the snow begins to blow, she can see what he will look like with grey hair. The way the snow is blowing and with clouds, all you can see is a blanket of white.

Finally, they get in out of cold and have "dinner." Peter tells about his family. His mom is the talker, but his dad is who he went to for advice. She is the first black woman he's ever dated. Rachel asks about the last woman he took home. He didn't take the last woman he was in a relationship home, evidently. He broke her heart because he couldn't give his whole heart away (or something like that). They talk about how if he wasn't fully ready to propose at the end, he wouldn't do it.

The guys wonder if this will be Peter's last night. The date card arrives. "Eric, Matt, Adam - Tomorrow will be difficult. I don't know what else to say."

Adam doesn't like the word difficult. He believes she will meet his parents. I don't think it's going to happen with him or Eric either one.

Back to the date. Rachel talks about putting up walls. She's done it in the past. She thinks all the rest of the guys are ready for commitment, but isn't sure Peter is. All I have to say is he is more honest and perhaps serious than the others. I think some of the guys are just in it for the competition. She's willing to risk him not being ready. She has a little more time to see how it goes with him prior to a proposal. He gets the rose.

Time for the group date. Well, time for chit chat in the hotel room before the group date. 

Eric isn't too confident. Adam thinks he has the strongest relationship there. Matt looks like a friend's husband, and I think it every time.

Rachel claims to have connections with all of them and that it will be a hard day. They load up on a boat to head to France. They all cuddle up to not fall off the top of the boat. They arrive in France and have some wine and cheese.

Adam talks about the date card and how he hates the word difficult. They want to make it easy for her.

The first man Rachel takes off to talk with is Eric. He throws out lots of compliments, but I'm not impressed.

Matt talks about how he knows it's not easy, but it's necessary to get to what she is looking. The fast moving pace has taught her a lot about herself. It helped him take chances. She starts crying and telling Matt that he is the person who reminds him most of herself. Knowing she has stronger connections with other men, she decides to let Matt go with a parting kiss.

We move on to evening discussions. First with Adam. He asks if she sees potential in him. She said for him to still be there, something is going on. Adam talks about wanting to send notes and texts to her when they aren't together. He doesn't feel like Eric is there - that it is just the two of them. He talks about being optimistic. It's the yin yang to her realism and possible pessimism she says. He is a schmoozer to me.

At the hotel, Peter thinks Adam has the upper hand. Bryan thinks Eric has a lot of questions. 

Then, Rachel talks to Eric. It would be the first time for Eric to bring a woman home, but his family will love her. He talks about the difficulties of growing up in Baltimore and the crime around him growing up.

Rachel thinks Adam is very attentive to her. The fact Eric is 29 and has never brought a girl home scares her. Yet, she says it is hard to choose. The most difficult decision up to this point, Rachel claims.

Her gut tells her to give the rose to Eric. I really don't understand why, but I'd honestly cut them both loose.

In the car ride, Adam is convinced she made a mistake.

That's it for the night. The show closes with previews of the two weeks, including hometowns. Dean's dad is on the quacky side. No wonder he tried to avoid the subject of his family. 


Unknown said…
Poor Dean. I don't think I would've gone on the show with a Dad like that. I feel bad for Dean