I wouldn't have made it all night

I had to borrow this picture from Peyton's Facebook page where she got it from the person who took it.

Everyone just thought they were finished with softball for the season. However, they got into a "Midnight Madness" tournament. That's a tournament that starts at 6 PM and goes all night long. I think pool games went through 2 AM, then they started a single elimination bracket. I'm not completely sure as I only made it one game. Their first was at 7:15. They played about 45 minutes, then had to wait another hour and 15 minutes to play again. I didn't mind watching a game at 9:30 PM, but didn't want to sit around and wait given I needed to work on and study for my lesson to teach for tomorrow.

The parents seemed to think it was as nuts as I did, so I'm not sure how they agreed to the idea. Even if it didn't go into Sunday morning when I needed to be at church, I wouldn't have made it all night.

All I can claim is I watched them win one.

Last night/this morning, I texted Peyton until about 12:30 AM after we went shopping because she was supposed to stay up all night and sleep during the day to prep for playing all night tonight.

I must have had sympathy insomnia because I was awake at 4-something and thought about texting her then to see if she was up. At 6, I did and never heard back. After I got home from one game and got still, I got really, really sleepy by the time I actually got my lesson done after lots of procrastination

I guess it's a way to try to beat the Texas heat, but it seems ridiculous to me.


I texted Peyton after church on Sunday asking how they did. She said good, but they lost their bracket game. Maybe they got to go home at 3 AM? I'm not really sure because that's all we talked about it. When Mom and Dad drove by the fields on the way to church after picking up my great-aunt, they said everyone was gone and the gates were locked at 9 AM.