I thought the neighbors were going to blow up the neighborhood

After a trip to Hobby Lobby for Christmas supplies (no, they still don't have everything I need out yet), I worked on crafts for most of my Fourth of July.

I didn't need to head out to the city's fireworks show because while I was gluing leaves on fall signs, they house two doors back were doing a show all their own. I'm surprised they didn't catch their trees and the rest of the neighborhood on fire for all they had going on back there. It sounded like I was in middle of a major choreographed display.

They weren't the only ones though. I could hear others from another direction and could also see someone shooting them off in the park from my back door. Yes, they are illegal in the city limits, but unless you cut off the sales... I've actually been hearing from for days.

Here are a couple of my latest creations, done with fireworks abounding.

Available in other colors to be personalized.