No new crafting this weekend

This week I haven't made it out to the craft room. My post yesterday was what I've done over the past couple of weeks. I've had other stuff going on this week.

The only craft-related activity today was unloading the trailer after having it packed last weekend. Actually, some of the stuff had been in there over a month when we were going to do something that got rained out. It all doesn't even fit in the laundry room anymore. Well, actually, I guess it would except for the fact that boxes of books piled up as high as they would have to be piled up would be really hard to lift up and down without a fork lift. I had to stack some in my craft studio. Anyone want to order book initials? Lots and lots of book initials?

I'll tell you how boring my Saturday was though. I've been way, way, way, embarrassingly way behind on reports for work, so I worked on copying and pasting and copying and pasting from spreadsheets into Word documents. That's after having to wrestle my computer into submission because it didn't want to copy and paste.

I live a really exciting life, don't I?

Just wait though, I'm going to finally work on some canvases I bought in January in the coming weeks!

...I've said that for months.