House hunting day dreaming

Facebook can be a dangerous thing in more ways than one. I'll save my rant on the sharing of fake news memes for another day. Though those get people angry and me annoyed, other posts can be much more costly and bring up other thoughts and opinions.

Recently, a friend was posting about the progress on the home she and her husband are building. It's out in a new housing edition where several families from church have built in recent years.

That seed of jealousy was planted and a pity party took root.

Yeah, I'm never going to be able to afford to build a house, especially like that without a spouse's income contributing to the price tag. Then, the pity party rolled on from there.

I don't need a house big enough for each of three kids to have their own rooms and an extra den (though I do need the space for an office {third bedroom} and a craft room {some kind of extra room}).

Other than the fact my book hoard just seems to keep growing and growing so I'm having storage issues, I have a house that fits what I need it to fit. My set-up is pretty great.

So what if there's carpet in the kitchen? Who cares that the walls of the entire kitchen, dining room and whatever the room in the center of my house officially is are 1960s paneling that grow more and more orange with age? I can trim the shrubs that I find ugly out front instead of asking permission to pull them out for the sake of curb appeal. I don't notice anymore that the bathtub is pink. The extra air conditioner I bought last year will help keep the office a little cooler when the thermostat climbs to around 90 in the summer. Who cares that there are fluorescent lights in the bedroom?

I'm getting a great deal on rent, and despite the cosmetics, I'm so very fortunate. I need to be content. I really need to be thankful and quit wanting more.

But that didn't stop me from going to an open house last weekend on a bit of a whim. That didn't stop me from pretty much falling in love with the house I saw. The one with a double garage where I could store a heck of a lot of storage bins of finished craft items.An actual enclosed garage where cats wouldn't be climbing on my car, and leaves wouldn't be blowing in and collecting at my door. The one with the pantry that would hold my chest freezer and enough shelves to hold lots and lots of books that are strewn over my house. The one with the master bathroom with a walk-in shower and a walk-in closet with a door that isn't currently off the track like the one in my current bedroom. The one with new floors, newly painted walls and granite and back-splash most people on House Hunters couldn't complain about.

The one where the office would be on the front of the house with windows so that I wouldn't have to stand on a chair to see what's going on out front when I hear noises on the street. The one that had a little nook by the front door perfect for staging craft pictures. The one with all new lighting that actually lights the house without being fluorescent.

The one with the extra parking out back PERFECT to park the CDD trailer in the back so that we could get it out of my parents' driveway. The one with wood laminate floors in what would be my craft room.

I would be lying if I had said I haven't been plotting where each and every piece of my furniture would go.

This kind of activity leads to getting online and looking at other houses, ruling them all out because:

  • That one is on the railroad tracks (been there, done that, served my time (and don't have to repeat it
  • That one's on the creek and in the flood zone. 
  • That one hasn't been redone, and I couldn't afford to do that after paying that price tag.
  • I don't want a swimming pool because that can be a lot of work and expense. 
  • I don't want to live in that part of town. 
  • That one doesn't have the space I need for the craft room. 
  • Why would anyone put ceramic tile in every room of the house, especially the bedrooms?
  • Mom hates the brick in her living room, and I can't walk over the floors without shoes on because it's uneven. That would can be a, "No."
  • I can deal with granite of any color as long as it's a smooth surface, but that tile counter top collects stuff in the cracks. 
  • That's a lot of wallpaper I really don't have the time or desire to peel down. 
I've decided I would be as picky as the people on House Hunters. 

I've started to work on some of the loan paperwork to see if I qualify. With my unique work situation, it may be another year before I can get approved. I also want to be smart and take my time about it. 

I have the itch, and I have it bad.