Just keep swimming

This morning I judged a round of 7th grade girls' speech and listened to a couple of my 2nd grade boys do their speech at Lads to Leaders (see my puppet post from yesterday). It would be several hours before the next set of events, so while everyone was taking their lunch breaks, I headed back home. 

Because the lines were insanely busy at the hotel, I hadn't had any breakfast. I wanted some chicken and dumplings at Cracker Barrel, so I headed to Arlington to stop and get some. For a Saturday before noon, they had a lot of people there. You would have thought it was Easter lunch (not quite Thanksgiving busy). I didn't want to wait, so I went to the other location that wasn't too far away.

Got there, same thing. I ended up eating El Fenix which is really good, just not what I was going for. 

From there, I sent clothes shopping. I stopped in another town looking for a certain paint pen color. When I finally made it home (seemed like it was going to take all day), I needed to work on some crafts since we have couple of events coming up. 

I was able to finish this one from Finding Nemo.