The Bachelor: Matt: Week 3: Oh to Be Young and Dramatic

I should be wrapping up this post tonight just as a I am getting started. 

It's been a long day y'all. I did not stop work at 6 in time to get dinner cooked and eaten by 7. I didn't get it done until 8 or so, and then I cleaned up some of the kitchen. 

I'm so tired, and I don't know if I'll make it through two hours, but hopefully, with being able to skip the commercials, it won't take that long.

Here we go!

The last episode ended with Sarah getting light headed and almost passing out. Matt goes to check on her, and they get a moment together. She says she's embarrassed, but he laughs it off.

Recapping where we were with the roses... Bri, Lauren, and Sarah have their roses from dates. 

Then, he has given roses to:

  1. Peiper
  2. Kit
  3. Magi
  4. Rachael
  5. Chelsea
  6. Jessenia
  7. Katie
  8. Serena C.
  9. Serena P.
  10. Abigail * this is where we had the fainting spell. He continues the ceremony with roses for: 
  11. Khaylah
  12. Mari
  13. MJ
  14. Anna
  15. Kaili
  16. Victoria (you know that was coming)
We have to keep the drama girl around. That means going home are: 
  1. Marylynn (Victoria's biggest nemesis)
  2. Illena
  3. Alana
  4. Sydney
  5. Kristin
Honestly, I remember almost nothing other than the Queen Victoria drama of last week. Now that Marylynn is gone, Queen V. is out for Sarah. 

Chris Harrison comes in the next morning. After a long meeting with Matt, he needs to be pushed out of his comfort zone a little bit. There will be three dates. Two group dates, only one one-on-one date this time, unlike last week.

"Rachael, Bri, Lauren, Kit, Serena C., Victoria, Khaylah, Anna, Kaili, Katie -- Today is a surprise for everyone. -- Matt"

It's Anna's first time on a date. She's glad she got a rose without a date last time. 

Matt has no clue what this date is going to be. Chris planned it all. They walk into a darkened club where a woman is reading from a steamy novel written by Chris Harrison. The lights come up, and it's Ash Kardash (yes, I am the only one who calls her that)... aka Ashley I. You know, the one that cried all the time, but finally got her man Jared from Paradise?

Today, they will be writing their own love stories with Matt. They will share it in front of all the other women. 

Rachael isn't sure she can do this. Katie is probably going to make everyone turn red. 

Ashley gets previews from everyone. Queen V's practically makes Ash blush. There are bleeps in her version. 

The women not on the date, arrive to be a part of the audience. 

Matt comes up on the stage and he has to read a story first. 

First up among the ladies is Anna. The chapter is called "The Fantasy Suite." 

Bri goes next. Then, one after another. I can't keep track of everyone. Some get some reactions from the audience for sure. Katie for sure did.

Everyone was floored by Katie until Victoria gets up there. Victoria thought the other women were vanilla. Lots of bleeping, thank goodness because I think all of this is too much. Most got a really good laugh from this last story though. 

Sarah thought the whole experience was like a knife through the heart. Poor thing... it's getting hard for her already. 

The women not on the group date head back home, and most are pretty happy they didn't have to be a part of that particular date. Sarah tells them she is already jealous and kind of feeling hurt after going on a date with Matt. It was salt in wounds. 

Back to the after party with the women who told their smutty stories. 

Rachael tells Matt how embarrassed she was, but Matt didn't see that. He does like how their relationship is developing. he goes in for a kiss.

Katie tells all the women she liked hearing everyone's stories and getting to know the rest of them better. 

Bri wants to know if he caught some of the hints at their last date in the story. She seems a little socially awkward which could be good compared some of these women. She likes keeping some of their romance secret.

The date card arrives back where the other women are gathered. All of the women except Sarah. 

"Serena P. -- Let love lead the way. -- Matt"

Sarah is upset because all of the jealousy and hurt feelings over cheating are coming back to her. She says she should have known she would be triggered.

Back on the date, Matt is telling Katie how he liked her bold story. Sarah interrupts this conversation, and Katie comes back to the group to tell the others that Sarah showed up. Victoria thinks it's disrespectful.

Sarah tells Matt today's date was tough for her to process. Harder than she expected, but she thinks maybe that means the feelings are there. Matt says he feels similarly since it's an unusual process.

Victoria tells Katie to go back in there. She tries to take Matt back, but Sarah tells Katie she needs five more minutes.

Matt tells Sarah to quit comparing things and just focus where they are. Katie shows back up to get her time on HER group date. Sarah asks Matt to walk her out. He does, leaving Katie to wait again. He sends Sarah off some kisses. Sarah is now worried about what the other women will think since Katie seemed upset. Sarah decides to go address it with the other women. She apologizes, but gets a stink eye from each of the other women. Victoria thinks it had to have been serious for her to show up. She didn't give a reason, so no one is happy with the explanation. 

Sarah doesn't think anyone understands her since her relationship is so much further than all the others. Victoria puts on her fake face to check on her. She thought maybe Sarah had health issues she needed to tell matt. Katie shows up on the scene asking if it's an insecurity thing. Katie said she would have let her talk to Matt if she had already made the decision to go home. 

Matt comes back in the room at some point -- who knows if everyone else had their chance -- to give the group rose out. He gives it to Rachael. 

The next morning, Katie spills the beans to the rest of the women who were not on the group date about Sarah. Katie couldn't sleep last night because she wonders if Sarah had not interrupted if she might not have gotten the rose herself. 

When Matt comes to pick up Serena, he starts a speech about last night when Sarah showed up, but Sarah isn't there. Matt goes off to find her. 

All the other women talk about how Sarah is begging for affirmation and is going to get her attention. Some hope she is packing her bags and saying her goodbyes to Matt now. She admits to him that she was thinking of packing her bags. Matt says that he was glad she did come. 

The women are annoyed that she is stealing attention again. Matt tells her again, that it is about the connection they have, not what he has what the others. 

So clingy for so early on. 

He finally makes his way back eown, and he tells everyone he would spend time with anyone who felt like Sarah was. 

The women don't like Sarah hogging the time and hiding away in her room by herself. 

Back to Serena. It's the season's horseback riding date because there is one every season. This isn't her first ride as she's confident. 

They have a picnic. They talk about how they are about three weeks in. I would have said real time about a week and a half, but maybe they are counting some quarantine time too. Who knows?

They discuss breaking the norm with this whole process. Their kiss is interrupted by a donkey coming right up in middle of them. Then three. They talk about childhood pets, including Matt's turtle. 

Despite the donkey in her face, Serena thinks she's falling in like with him. She's not prepared to say she's in love yet. 

Several of the women are around a fire pit discussing how Sarah never came down out of her room all day long. 

After talking over a picnic, they get to talk more over fake dinner. She has only had one serious relationship. She asks him about his history. He talks about his last relationship and how he's actually never been in love. She gives him the falling in like, maybe more, line. After a kiss, he pulls out the date rose. From there, it's out to the hot tub where Matt wears turtle swim trunks.

The women are gathered back "home" where everyone is waiting for the group date card. Except for Sarah. As much as I hate to give props to Queen V, she comments that, "Sarah doesn't need Matt, she needs a Xanax." 

MJ comments that sometimes silence is just as loud in reference to Sarah not showing up.

The date card arrives. Finally, Sarah enters. MJ is ticked. MJ says she was worried about her (really?). Sarah apologizes for yesterday and for not coming down earlier to clear the air. V interrupts her. Sure, no one knows who has relationships Sarah as she's professing she has. Anna says despite Sarah's claims, she's not had a hard time. She had a one-on-one date. 

Sarah says she was thinking about going home. Everyone points out that she was hogging time. No sympathy among the group. V says she doesn't accept the policy. 

Sarah feels emotionally beat up. She tries to talk with MJ, but MJ has none of it saying she needs to cool off. No one wants to talk to her. 

Oh, by the way, the person who was going to read the date card had to set it down when Sarah came in, and no one picked it back up. 

Sarah is back in her room crying. Katie goes to check-in. She didn't like what went down. Sarah is ready to go, but Katie asks if it was because of the girls. Katie tells her, if you have something with him, the two of you need to explore it because I'm not just going to be some back-up. Sarah reveals that her father has a terminal illness and the time away from him has been wearing on her. Katie's dad had died 8 years ago, and she says Sarah needs to be with her dad. 

The rest of the women haven't seen Sarah. They think she has been hiding for three days. Katie comes in and tells the rest of the women that Sarah did have a big family thing going on and none of them knows anyone else's stories.

Sarah goes to talk to Matt. She apologizes for the last two days. Their relationship has been amazing, but she's not sure if she's ready for all of this. She's worried about her dad, but she feels so attacked by the women in the house. 

Matt tells her that he has feelings for her. He recaps their time together and how it meant something to him, and he doesn't want to lose her. I wouldn't have been surprised if that changed her mind, but she says that she feels called to go home. She just can't do this. 

Matt walks her out to a car, and she bawls as she leaves. She thinks Matt let her go because he sees her heart. He let her go because she wanted to leave, but...

Who wants to bet she tries to come back?

How and why was Matt that into her already?

We see a tease that five new women are going to come onto the scene next week. The claws are going to come out.