The Bachelor: Matt: Week 1: Remind Me Why I'm Doing This Again

Let me start by saying that there was not enough break between The Bachelorette and The Bachelor.

I needed more than one week break in blogging reality TV. Of course, I'm asking myself why I torture myself in blogging, but here we are again. Bad habits are hard to break. 

So, our bachelor is a brand new contestant. He's never been on a previous season. Bachelor Nation originally met him on social media as a friend of a former contestant. When he was announced as THE Bachelor, there was a bigger response of potential contestants than ever before. 

He is 28, a real estate broker who grew up in North Carolina, and the first bi-racial Bachelor. His dad is black, his mom white. His parents divorced when he was at young age, and he grew up with his single mother. 

Matt has finally come to the conclusion nothing will ever be perfect or there will never be a perfect time in order to settle down, marry, and so forth, so he's going for this now. However, his biggest fear is having his heart broken. 

This season, the resort bubble is in Pennsylvania, The Chateau at Nemacolin. They are staying at some chateau where all the women have their own room, so this is better than being at the mansion in bunkbeds. 

Once Matt steps out of his limo, Chris is ready to bring the women on. However, before Matt meets the women, he wants to talk to Chris Harrison and ask him some questions. This seems to surprise Chris. 

First of all, Matt wants to know what to expect the first night since he's never been through this before.

Then, he wants to talk about expectations he put on himself as the first black Bachelor. He has worried about how to make both sides happy -- traditionalists of both races. 

Chris asks Matt if he has ever been in love. Matt confesses that he always started backing up when it was time to say, "I love you." Matt's been running from love, but he's ready for it no. Jump right into the fire. His biggest challenge is going to be opening up. 

Alright, he's ready now. 

A couple of observations off the bat about the women:

I'm going to have half of the names misspelled all season. I'm just going to have some wrong. People spell my name wrong all the time too. 

There are a bunch of people in marketing, which is a broad term. There's a publicist too. She's only 22, so I doubt I'm going to find her a favorite.

The ones with * next to them are ones we got to see extra footage of prior to the arrival of the limos. (I am so glad I typed up the names/ages/professions ahead of time. They are running through the women really fast upon arrival, and I'm still struggling to keep up without pausing a bunch.)

Bri, 25, Communication Manager, San Francisco, CA - She jokingly asks for his name after he asked for hers. First woman, and he comments she is incredible. 

Rachael, 25, Graphic Designer, Cumming, GA - She is so nervous she is shaking. She's really pretty.

*Sarah, 24, Broadcast Journalist, San Diego, CA - She says she was always career-focused, but became a care-giver to her dad with ALS. So, kudos for that, but back to this "always career-focused" part. She's 24. Career? Not old enough to have a career. At that point I was on the first of three different career paths. She tells him that she knows she'll be homesick at first. 

Jessenia, 27, Social Media Marketer, San Antonio, TX - She is looking for someone to be her rock. 

Chelsea, 28, Runway Model, Brooklyn, NY -  Her barely there dress catches his attention. You can tell she's modeled dresses like that before.

Mari, 24, Marketing Director, Odenton, MD - Hopes to travel the world with him. She catches him speechless. 

*Magi, 32, Pharmacist, Adwa, Ethiopia - Moved to the US nine years ago to get her degree. She claims she came all the way from Ethiopia to meet him. 

Carolyn, 30, Journalist, Los Angeles, CA - She came with lavender from her mom's garden to help with nerves and shares it with Matt who is the most nervous lead on this show you ever saw. 

Sydney, 28, Marketing Specialist, Nashville, TN - Claims Matt is the hottest human being she has ever met. 

*Kristin, 27, Attorney, Virginia Beach, VA - Likes to get out and party. She tells Matt he has been found guilty of being fine. 

*Anna, 24, Copywriter, Chicago, IL - She is a caffeine feign who works at a bar at night. Has a survival kit with a stress ball and a rose to go in her hair. 

Khaylah, 28, Healthcare Advocate, Durham, NC - Drives up in her own old truck. She says her name as "Kayla." She wanted the truck to be a reminder to him of home. 

Serena C, 24, Flight Attendant, San Francisco, CA - She trips on her way to meet him which is not surprising because there are tons of stairs. 

Serena P., 22, Publicist, Toronto, ON, Canada - Since he is so tall, and she is only 5'2", she brought a step stool to get on his level.

*Alicia, 24, Professional Ballerina, New York, NY - She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and works with kids as a ballet teacher. She impressively twirls her way up to him. 

Saneh, 25, IT Consultant, Denver, CO - Calls him the Greatest of All Time, then displays her goat shoes. Like shoes from a goat mascot from somewhere. 

Alana, 26, Photographer, Toronto, ON, Canada - Brings a bowl of spaghetti so that they can Lady and the Tramp a noodle for a first kiss. She leaves the bowl with him. 

Kaili, 26, Hostess, Chicago, IL - She couldn't decide what to wear, so rolls up with a dress rack and two dresses. Meanwhile, she's wearing her underwear and a short robe. The women spying from a window way up in the chateau call her ballsy. Matt appreciates her confidence. 

*Abigail, 25, Financial Manager, Beaverton, OR - She is deaf and cannot hear when she takes off her cochlear implant. She does reveal this about herself, saying that she will be reading his beautiful lips tonight. Matt thinks she is gorgeous. 

Corrinne, 22, Marketing Manager, Pomfret, CT - Says she is blessed to be here. 

Marylynn, 28, Event Coordinator, Studio City, CA - Says everything in her life has brought her to the point to meet him. 

Emani, 25, Realtor, Albuquerque, NM - Is in awe of her surroundings.

Lauren, 29, Corporate Attorney, Miami, FL - Nothing gimmicky, just a quick shot of her saying hello. 

Pieper, 23, Graduate Student, Happy Valley, OR - She and her sisters were going to keep their last name when married because their dad wanted them to, but luckily, her last name is already James. 

MJ, 23, Hair Stylist, Hudson, OH - Drives up in her own car with a pizza delivery sign on top. She can't get the back door open to get her pizza out. She gives it to him saying, "I know this is cheesy, but the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Katie, 29, Bank Marketing Manager, Renton, WA - In head-to-toe sequins, she is hiding something behind her back. The quarantine was really hard on her and she hopes to pass the torch to him. Yes, she brought her own battery-powered device that got her through the hard times. Matt finds it hilarious, but the women can't believe she did that. Matt calls it a light saber. She wants to name it MJ like Matt's initials when they ask her if it has a name, but there is a MJ in the room. 

Amber, 30, Nursing Student, Costa Mesa, CA - She rode in on a tandem bike. 

Kimberly, 28, Airline Recruiter, Seattle, WA - Being from Seattle, she brings a fake fish and asks if he can catch it. When she tosses it, she drops it. 

Casandra, 25, Social Worker, Newport Beach, CA - She's wearing football shoulder pads and a helmet, claiming to be his number one fan. 

Illena, 25, Health Food Developer, New York, NY - She has a purse which is unusual. She also has a question for him. "Can I put my balls in your mouth?" She brought some meatballs. (This ironically after my friend, Angie, sent me a knitting sack with something crude on it that showed up in her Facebook feeds. We're always sending each other pictures of weird things that appear in our feeds.)

Kit, 21, Fashion Entrepreneur, New York, NY - She arrives in a Bentley with a driver because the limo was a little to "ride share" for her. She tells him KIT stands for keep in touch and looks forward to talking to him more inside. She's wearing feathers. 

Victoria, 27, Queen, Los Angeles, CA - She arrives on a throne with four men carrying her. She is also wearing a tiara. She brought a crown for him. She falls smack down getting up the stairs. She's annoying already. 

Finally, all the women have arrived. Chris explains that he'll soon bring in the first impression rose. However, Matt is worried about impressing all of them. 

Now, it's time to mix and mingle. Instead of offering a toast, he offers a prayer. 

He tells the women whenever he is unsure, he always offers up a prayer. He also adds that he too will struggle to open up. Quarantine has had him wondering why he has not been spending it with his significant other. 

Rachael is smitten kitten from the get go. However, she's not the first to talk to him. I don't know who is because why aren't there captions? Sarah. Ok. Matt says that's the first person he spoke to. 

We get a lot of quick shots of various conversations. 

We get a glimpse of a longer convo with Rachael. She makes a good impression. 

... takes Matt outside to play chess. He claims to have been in Chess Club. 

One woman describes Matt as a five-course meal. 

Mari made a boarding pass for him until they can travel. There's some facts about her on the back. She's from Puerto Rico. She's mid-sentence when Katie the bedazzled woman who's always carrying around her "torch." The other women call her a buzzzzkill. 

MJ arrives to interrupt. 

Khaylah sets up a sweet tea toast in the bed of her truck. 

The runway model trips over her dress while trying to do her walk for him. 

Kit brings a snowglobe of NY to remind them both of home since Matt has lived in NYC for three years. Queen Victoria interrupts and dismisses Kit as princess. Queen V has never heard the expression "drinking out of a firehose." Matt tries to explain, but she cuts him off.

Queen comes back in saying she got time and asks the women she came to sit with if they have had their time with him yet. Amber has not and she seems a bit hesitant to make her move.

Chris Harrison drops off the first impression rose. Matt hopes to talk to everyone before handing it out. 

Queen wanders off and decides she wants more time, so she goes for seconds. 

Bri talks about her parents -- Mom is Persian, Dad is black. She too grew up with a single mom. 

Abigail gets her chance. Matt remembers some of the things she said in their introduction. Abigail's sister is also deaf. He talks about staring at her eyes. He leans in for his first official kiss with her. 

The women start discussing the first impression rose. Katie expects it. Victoria knows she made a good impression. He comes to get the rose. He walks past a couple of big groups disappointing all of those women to bring it back to Abigail. 

He challenged the women to be vulnerable, and Matt thought Abigail was. Yay! I'm glad she got it. 

Some women didn't talk to him and are feeling defeated. All I have to say is, "You snooze, you lose." They ought to know better. If you want to talk to him, GO AND TALK TO HIM!

I know who I want to go home, but that means they will stay. (Victoria and Katie in case you were wondering.)

There's a stack of roses. That's for sure. I say Matt goes for the names he can remember.

  1. Bri (first person out of the limo)
  2. Rachael
  3. Chelsea
  4. Sarah
  5. MJ
  6. Serena P. 
  7. Khaylah
  8. Kristin
  9. Kit
  10. Magi
  11. Peiper
  12. Mari
  13. Illena
  14. Jessinia
  15. Kaili
  16. Marylynn (who has been whining on in the voiceovers the whole time)
  17. Serena C.
  18. Lauren
  19. Sydney
  20. Alana
  21. Katie
  22. Anna (she didn't have time to talk to him, but made eye contact all ceremony)
  23. Victoria
Sigh. Two of my least favorites were at least in the last few picked. That doesn't mean anything, I know.

There are eight women headed home:
  1. Amber
  2. Alicia
  3. Carolyn
  4. Casandra
  5. Corrinne
  6. Emani
  7. Kimberly
  8. Saneh

I'm disappointed Alicia, the ballerina, is gone. It goes to show the b-roll packages don't necessarily tell you the ones that will stick it out.