And she shall have an orange Christmas tree

Stir crazy from being in my house or the church building for three straight weeks, I was stir crazy and decided to go looking for picture frames for some of the the pictures I took and bought on my trip. So, I spent all day shopping.

After getting myself going the right way with a frappachino at Starbuck's (basically what happens anytime I drive through Ennis), I debated the three routes I could go. To Waxahachie where I'd hopefully find what I wanted at Target, and then on to Arlington. Or just go to Arlington. Or go to Mesquite and possibly meet up with Rakia. She ended up having something going on, but I was already that direction when I heard back from her.

I started off at Garden Ridge where they have Christmas out before school starts. That's a million shades of wrong, but I found the orange Christmas decorations that I could not find last year. In case you don't remember, Peyton was disgruntled that I had a purple tree (Paige's favorite color), but not orange (her favorite color). I have two small trees, so I told her if I could find orange decorations that I would do an orange tree.

Because I'm good aunt, I guess. It may sound hideous, but with what I found it will actually turn out really nice. At least that hunt is over in advance.

After I left Garden Ridge (with only one of the frames I needed), I went the wrong way to find Hobby Lobby just like I always do. I should know by now.

I went to Mardel's even though I have enough books to get me through 2 or 3 years if I didn't get another one until I finished them all. Job hazard. And free ebook download consequence. I bought no books, but I did get something for the last day I teach my 5th graders before they promote. Because I refuse to give a party even though the boys really think I should have a party.

Speaking of which, my mother decided I needed an iPad instead of a Kindle Fire. She also said I needed it to take pictures with. I promised Rakia I would never do that, but if she wants to get me an iPad instead of a Kindle for Christmas...

Then I spent like forever in Hobby Lobby. Found my other frames (except one that I can put multiple pictures in). Bought yard for projects as if I don't have enough to finish some projects. But it was on sale and they had a bigger selection than Corsicana's Walmart. And for a project someone requested. Bought beads and lights to go on the orange tree. And a birthday present for my mother. And a scrapbook for a project Paige is working on. Because I'm a pushover aunt.

Then I went to Cracker Barrel all by myself because I wanted chicken and dumplins. I think Rakia made up something to do so she didn't have to go to CB. Because she's made the statement that she only goes there with me (and Jenny and Courtney to defend myself).

Then I went to Kirkland's to find the other two things I was looking for. And found part of Paige's Christmas because the child is too easy to buy for. I always see things for her. Sort of like shopping for my mom. I bought Peyton something too.

Finally, I got my multi-picture frame at Target. I was debating, but bought the one that was $20 cheaper because I am running out of wall space.

I need a bigger house with more walls. I'm feeling closed in.

Then, I came home to start on like 4 loads of laundry. And I really need to finish off some work stuff that I didn't get to yesterday.

And I'd love to print out pictures to put in the frames I bought.

And I really need to clean my house.

When is the next holiday? I need an extra day off.