Sometimes you have to just do it yourself!

I think it was last Thursday. It was some day last week. Actually, it was last Friday. Anyway, I called my dad and both he and Paige answered at once. I told them that I could do a free scrapbook on Shutterfly if they would find pictures of my mom so that I could put it together for her birthday.

I'll say right now, this is the only thing Klout is good for. Ok, two things. It got me hooked on Lipton Tea with Honey (is that good) and it got me a free scrapbook on Shutterfly that I might have could have gotten some other way.

A couple of years ago, I had done one of these for my Dad when he had a special birthday. I knew it wasn't going to be big enough or have enough pages for my Seattle trip.

His first response was, "I don't know where to look."

"Why don't you start with that whole closet down the hall full of photo albums?"

Dad, Paige and Peyton started on the project. Then I told Dad more of what I needed. Across her entire life. Pictures of her with people. Go!

I've revised my list, told him again, got a few off the wall pictures of pictures of sunflowers and photos of headstones in a cemetery (because she is obsessed with ancestry and dead relatives?).

He decided it was easy to just attach pictures instead of scan them. Pictures I already had mind you since they were digital and either on my computer or uploaded on Shutterfly already.

Every couple of days I would revise the list of what he still needed to send by phone or email.

And I would be careful not to email at times I wasn't certain he would be playing Spider solitaire on the computer so Mom wouldn't see my requests.

Finally, I just show up at his house yesterday morning and dig myself. Finding what I was looking for (with the exception of 1 or 2 pictures) and had him scan while I was there.

Really? You can't look through and find while your home all day? That's what I wanted to ask.

Last night I was fervently trying to get it all uploaded and done so there would be a snowball's chance of getting the book back by next Saturday. I couldn't find one of the things he scanned and called. Evidently, he couldn't come up with some reason to kick Mom out of the computer room so that she wouldn't see him email. (REALLY?) I kept telling him I needed the pictures PRONTO in order to get the book printed. They can't send it overnight if they don't have it produced.

I got it turned in last night and paid for overnight (once produced) with an estimated delivery of next Thursday instead of 2 day with an estimate of Friday. After all, you never know when my neighbors are going to park in front of the mailbox.

I did some special book evidently that cost $4.99 instead of free. But I had to pay $20 to get it here.

Oh, and the thing that really annoyed me is that every single picture in the book with the exception of one has my mom in it. On the last page, I had to throw in one without her. Evidently, my mother and sister-in-law Julie have never ever been photographed together. Or I didn't get a picture from my Grandmother's house one Christmas that was on someone else's camera. I dug and dug and dug and dug and dug. I figured that issue may be made if I had a "Robbie... This is Your Life" album that did not include her daughter-in-law.

I guess it was a good thing I thought of that, huh?

Next weekend, I'll post the book for you to look at. Otherwise, someone might mention it to my mother.