Daniel was a mighty man?

At church the kids sometimes sing this song:

I want to be like Daniel.
I want to be like Ruth.
I want to be like Daniel.
I want to be like Ruth.
For Ruth was so, so sweet and kind.
And Daniel was a mighty man. 
I want to be like Daniel.
I want to be like Ruth.

This song is not among my favorites because:

A) We sing it too often and need variety.

B) I hate the voices Sam uses to sing it. (Sorry Sam) It makes Ruth sound sissy and really, what's the need for that deep "mighty man" thing? And the muscle thing?

C) As Rachel and I discussed, the point of Ruth's story is not that she was sweet and kind - she was loyal and chose to follow God. And while Daniel was mighty spiritually, the point of learning about Daniel is about his faithfulness. 

The two of us are also very troubled by the lack of basic Bible knowledge that the the kids who are there every Sunday have about the major figures in the Bible. Or they have their stories completely crossed. 

One of the girls said last week that she didn't like the above story because she did not want to be like Ruth and that she didn't get the song because she didn't know who Ruth was. 

I decided last night to go off trail of our regular material and do a refresher of Daniel and Ruth. I could have done all in one class, but the girl who made the comment was not in class this morning, so I'll save that for next week. 

So, here's what was learned this morning about Daniel. It's in two parts because I had the small chip in my camera this week and had to switch out to a spare that was in my purse. Same thing happened during VBS except I ended up using my phone again. 


Anonymous said…
Wow. I'm glad to learn I'm not the only one bothered by this song.
Audra Jennings said…
It is rather pointless if you don't know the right reasons to want to be like them.