Uncle, Mercy, and I give up!

Last week, I grew somewhat annoyed at The Olympics not streaming properly and freezing. I thought it was a glitch from London. It might have been. But it was more likely that the red light for my broadband was solid red.

I had to call AT&T for something else on Saturday, and ended up transferred to who-knows-what-country where they tell me to unplug my modem for 10 seconds and plug it back in. Problem solved except they decide to put in a work order to check out things further because it does look like there have been some problems in my area. Terrific. Fine. Get 'er done. The work order is between 8 AM-5 PM or was it 12 PM-5 PM Thursday. Ok. Fine. When do I leave the house during the day?

So, AT&T calls my cell number today asking if I was told the work order was for Thursday. Yeah. Well, we're caught up, can we come out there today? Yeah, sure. I'm busy as all get out, but bring 'er on.

At the time, I thought this was not the brightest idea. It had started to rain and there was serious thunder. Right before Mr. Repairman got here, it started lightening. OK. Great idea. Fix phone lines in the rain. Better him than me. I also mention that stupid box that the neighbors keep backing into that has wires all over the place. I also mention the black plastic bag wrapped around it wasn't all the way around it earlier in the week and wires were coming out again.

The guy comes in, interrupts my flow of work. He sees there are errors coming up on the line. He decides to go out back, but the box isn't on a porch or anything to keep him out of the rain.

About this time, the electricity flickers off and turns the computer off. I debate rebooting for a couple of minutes, then I try to get back to work.

He sits in his truck (in front of my back gate, by the way), then calls my cell phone again to tell me that he's now going to start working since the rain stopped, but he may have to disconnect my service.

About this time, I'm supposed to have a conference call. Right then, the lines were connected, so I started my call. Then, he tries my cell again, but I'm not answering because I'm on a business call. He cuts my call and I can't get back in.

I'm trying to email via BlackBerry to tell the problem to the people that I was on the phone with. Thank goodness this morning I put my work email back on my phone for the first time since before vacation.

I then walk out to tell him why I didn't answer and that my conference call got cut. I also tell him to go ahead and do what he needs to do so that I can get back about my business.

I try to call the client back who's call I was dropped from. My home line drops again. I call from my cell phone. My battery runs down and my call gets dropped from that line. I have to go to my charger in my bedroom and call her again after getting dropped 3 times.

Meanwhile, I have spotty connection with internet, and I forgot to mention that at one point, I'm trying to do research for a press kit on my phone that doesn't want to work well since the wi-fi is down and AT&T data runs Jiminy Christmas slow.

Mr. AT&T calls back (he's still out in the backyard and loves his cell phone) that he did find incoming and outgoing problems so he's going to have to turn my internet off again. And one of the problems is a wire is broken in that box my stupid neighbors keep backing over. IMAGINE THAT!!! Well, it was almost broken until he touched it, then it broke. Still, I wonder why?

By this point, I'm charging my cell which doesn't want to charge right lately (I think the connector part is loose or something), and have dropped a call to my boss on it.

I'm still trying to do some email by BlackBerry, but can't access files. I can't send anyone this press kit I just finished because A) I don't have email access on my computer and B) I can't get it to the Dropbox because I don't have internet access.

And I can't access any of my other server files.

I finally just decide I give up on trying to communicate or work for the day. I reach Rachel around 4:30 via Facebook on my phone and ask her if she wants to go eat before VBS because I'm at my wits end.

While I was teaching VBS, Mr. AT&T calls me that he got part of it fixed, but it still shows errors so they may need to rewire my jack to my modem. He says I can call tomorrow or the next day. Have mercy, I don't have time for that tomorrow. Except for my email that keeps asking for a password over and over and over again, I seem to be working just fine.

Tonight after VBS, I come home, put in an hour and a half more of work to send off the things I was trying to finish. I'm about to log off now. Instead of waking an hour earlier like I have all week in order to get things done, I'm sleeping until my regular time tomorrow. Watch it, I'll be woken up to the ringing of one of my phone lines from Mr. AT&T deciding that he couldn't sleep and got to work early and wants to rewire my house.


Danica said…
YIKES!!! I hope the rest of your week goes better!