My creativity at work

This is what I was doing last week/weekend. This is my VBS classroom for this week. I had to move to a bigger room since the one on Sunday mornings is tiny. It had been a long while since I had really done up a room.

Everyone asks where I got the backdrop - Oriental Trading.

Rachel and I made the palm trees. I lettered the memory verse signs and Rachel help me filled in.

The pirates were colored and cut out by me, Rachel, Jenny, Ellen, Peyton and Paige.




Dang that's a good palm tree... Maybe you should make more, move them into your office, and drink iced drinks with umbrellas -- pretend you're working at a resort... .... .... Mmmm....

Audra Jennings said…
I love my palm trees. They would somewhat match my house decor, but I don't have room for them.