Bacon bits and pieces

Obviously, I have tons going on at work. Like tons. Like so much I post about a different project every day of the week. I did get to venture away from home and painting, etc. this week though. And I do have some funny tidbits to share.

First of all, the first funny of the week. When I told this story to Rachel and to my parents, they got a good giggle out of it, so I'll share. In the Bible class that I go to at church, there is a woman close to 80. I've referred to her before in stories about the singles group. She's had purple hair at one time... Anyway... Mentally she is on another plane than most of us. But she definitely thinks outside the box. I have to give her credit for that.

The lesson was about Lazarus. As the person teaching the class was telling, at first Jesus told his disciples that Jesus was asleep. When they thought he was just sleeping, Jesus told them that Lazarus was dead. The teacher thought that maybe he was trying to put it nicely at first, and then had to be blunt when those around him didn't get it.

However, Ms. D, had a different theory. She explains that because they didn't have {heart} monitors back then, they couldn't be sure if someone was dead or not, so they said they were just sleeping until they knew for sure. This may possibly be a genius explanation. Maybe it did take 4 days, just to be sure.


What my mom got a bigger kick out of is this tale from Monday. We submit some of our blog tour lists way in advance of when they actually mail, so some of the books were sent to my old address and needed to be forwarded. When one arrived media mail this week, I had to pay postage due on the package.

I never have cash on me. I had $1. I needed $2.98. So, I had to tell the mail man to wait, go to my car and give him $2 out of my grandmother quarter stash. Remember that roll that I got for Christmas? I've had to use these quarters to get in basketball games when they were out of change, and now to pay postage due. This just annoyed me. I really didn't find this to be a funny story at all.

However, what was funny was when I told my mom this story and she realized where I was going with the quarters before I even said it. She laughed so hard. Like, she thought this was hilarious.

The point of me even telling her this is that I never have any cash and I needed $3 two separate times that day. Now, the retelling of this story makes me wonder why I ever started it in the first place. However, now that I've spent so much time typing it, it stays. It was funny at the time, I guess. Take my word for it.


This week was the youth expo. This blog takes us up to Tuesday! 

Paige, Peyton and Madison all showed pigs this year, but it may be the last. I don't think they are too into it. Paige got 6th in one of her classes - the best result among the six pigs that they showed between all of them. At least Layton and I got to hang out together. We never get to do that, but he decided I was his buddy the other day. 

This is the third show I've been to, and I know nothing more than the first one. I'll never get how you can select between the nuances of the pigs as long as I live. I do know the uglier in the face, the better this year. 

Paige has the black bow on her head
That's a better one of Peyton than I thought I had.
I thought I had one of all three girls, but I am not sure that I do. Trying to get them all while they are all moving around is really hard.