What Does it Look Like When You Lead Your Family Like Jesus?

Leadership experts Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges

team up with parenting mentor Tricia Goyer

to present a revolutionary approach to parenting


Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager® (a New York Times Best Seller for two years), has teamed up with his Lead Like Jesus co-founder Phil Hodges, and author/parenting expert Tricia Goyer to release Lead Your Family Like Jesus: Powerful Parenting Principles from the Creator of Families (March 25, 2013/ISBN 978-1-58997-720-4, HC, $19.99, Tyndale House Publishers). Recognized as one of the world’s top business leadership experts, Blanchard now looks to Jesus, the greatest leader of all time, as the model for this new, revolutionary parenting book.

Does your family need a five-star general at the helm? A psychologist? A referee? Lead Your Family Like Jesus, points to a better role model. In Lead Your Family Like Jesus, the authors show how every family member benefits when parents take the reins as servant-leaders. Moms and dads will see themselves in an entirely new light—as life-changers who get their example, strength, and joy from following Jesus at home.

The book begins by explaining that leadership is an influence process and that anyone who influences the thinking, behavior, or development of others is a leader—making parenting the most important life role leadership position most people ever hold. Offering practical examples from real-life parents, the authors then encourage the alignment of four leadership domains:
  • Heart - the character and values employed in influencing children
  • Head - one’s viewpoint and beliefs about leading
  • Hands - what a parent actually does while leading and influencing
  • Habits - how a parent must continually refocus his or her desires to lead as Jesus would do.
Published in cooperation with Focus on the Family, this book provides 12 powerful parenting principles, which are easily extendable to grandparents and other caring adults within a family; Pause and Reflect questions; and Points to Ponder—making it an excellent selection for both personal reading and group discussion.

This user-friendly book’s practical principles and personal stories mark the path to a truly Jesus-centered family, where integrity, love, grace, self-sacrifice, and forgiveness make all the difference.

“When my kids were young, I often used Ken Blanchard's business books to train my children. I knew that as a mom I was a leader, and the more I had my act together the better I could lead the troops,” says Goyer. “A mutual friend encouraged me to put together some ideas to share with Ken for Lead Like Jesus for Families at the same time Focus on the Family approached Ken with the same concept. Maybe God was speaking to a few hearts!”

“What I love about this book is that it reminds us of our role as parents,” Goyer continues. “Any time we are trying to influence the thoughts, behaviors, and development of another person we are a leader. If this isn't the definition of a parent I don't know what is!”

Goyer is teaming up with fellow Focus on the Family/Tyndale author Tracey Eyster (Be the Mom: Overcome Attitude Traps and Enjoy Your Kids) for the Lead, Momma Lead webcast on April 16 at 8:00 PM EDT. During the event, Goyer and Eyster will offer encouragement to moms based on their respective books and interact with participants by asking questions submitted during the webcast. Moms can join the live event via Tricia Goyer’s Facebook Page.

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Visit leadyourfamilybook.com for more information about the book, the authors and for free family resources.

About the Authors

Ken Blanchard:
Leadership expert and author of over 50 books, including the New York Times bestseller, The One-Minute Manager®; co-founder of Lead Like Jesus; and coauthor of Lead Like Jesus; Lessons from the Greatest Leadership Role Model of All Time.

Phil Hodges:
A human resource and industrial relations manager in corporate America for 36 years with Xerox Corporation and U.S. Steel, co-founder of Lead Like Jesus; co-author of five books, including Lead Like Jesus, The Servant Leader and Leadership by the Book with Bill Hybels.

Tricia Goyer:
Bestselling author of more than 33 books, including nine non-fiction releases, and more than five hundred articles for national publications; selected as one of the Top Moms to Follow on Twitter in 2010 by SheKnows.com; popular blog contributor, Teen Mops mentor, speaker, and radio host. www.triciagoyer.com

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