No excuses week and I already have two

Last week Rachel and I didn't walk all week. The girls had basketball games Monday and Tuesday. We never walk on Wednesdays. Thursday and Friday, I just had the don't want to's.

On Friday, I declared "no excuses next week, except I can't Thursday."

You see, I have a date with Adam Levine. And 20,000 others at a Maroon 5 concert. I can't wait to get together with my friends and go.

Then, I realized that on Tuesday, I am going to the youth expo to the pig show. Paige, Peyton and Madison will all be showing.

See, I have all kinds of excuses! Literally.

Too tired was my excuse to not work last night. (I did get some things done today though.) When I got up yesterday after a nap, I did hang some things up in the office. I think this looks Pinterest worthy.

Now it's late, but I am about to go hang some pictures in the bedroom that has no furniture.