My favorite space

Yeah, I know, I've not been very good at posting before/after pictures or just pictures in general of my new settlement. I have most things put away and most boxes unpacked, but I don't have everything up yet.

The walls are a bit too bare to feel at home and share pics, or so it seems to me. Part of that is dependent on painting a couple of rooms.

I'll definitely have to do before and after pictures of the main bathroom. I'll put it this way: it's an ugly pink mess. I have plans, but some other things shall come first.Plus, I've been WORKING!

The place I spend the most time (at least waking hours) is upstairs in my office. (It is the only room upstairs.) It is the most modern room of the house (no paneling or antique switch plates) and has the most space really. If it had a full bathroom, it would probably be the master bedroom.

Well maybe. Maybe not.

I like that it isn't cramped and claustrophobic like my other office was. I also like opening the balcony doors. Yes, I have a little balcony. I only have two things up on the walls thus far. I've brought other stuff up, but haven't had a chance to hang them yet.

And I have taken down the gold and green stripe with green fuzzy balls window covering down. Not sure what is going up there yet since 90% of all curtains these days are 84" long and I don't want to cover the thermostat and lose a whole wall that furniture can be on. I'll share more downstairs pictures over the weekend.

The view from my desk looking one way. I did hang the diploma on another wall. I bought that standing lamp the other day. I think I posted this picture the other day though.
The view out my window if I were 7 foot tall and could see out the window. This is from my step ladder that was up here to fix a light fixture.
This is while I'm sitting at my desk with the doors open. Nice breeze and birds chirping. Not the always barking dog though I heard some earlier. They don't bark non-stop though. 
I posted this the other day, but I'm lazy and posting again. It needs some more photos on the shelves to make them look right. The shelves fit like they were made for the space. Perfectly fit!
I need a plastic chair mat because I get stuck in the carpet. I mainly work off the computer where I have to face the wall. The cords and keyboard drawer fit better that way. I hung up the dry erase board too.