Beautifying my view

I am not much on yard work, but I am hoping to keep my new plants alive so I will have a nice view from the sunroom. That has been my Easter weekend project.

The plants I have kept alive up to this point are looking rough. I am hoping my palms and pineapples perk back up in better sunlight and access to rain.

In addition to my new rose bushes, I planted morning glories to grow up the world's largest backyard TV antenna still in existence. I also threw out a whole bag of Texas wildflower seed. The bag said it was enough to cover 500 sq feet and was guaranteed to grow, so I better end up with blue bonnets. I am not holding my breath, but a girl can hope.

I also bought plants for inside my sunroom which now feels like a sunroom rather than a catch all now that I have all the boxes that were in there put away. I really hope I don't kill the banana tree this time. Now Dad can make a coconut tree short of a pink coulda jokes. Seriously! Auto correct is stupid. Pina colada. How is coulda an actual word?

And yes, I am aware the palm tree already more than touches the ceiling.