Don't make me thump you

I have no clue why they are laughing like they are. Unless it's that I was still videoing after they thought they had done such a bad job I would stop recording. Once one started laughing, they all did.

I know they didn't like my song choice though it went along with our lesson from Hebrews 4-5.

You also have to realize this was AFTER I had gotten after Peyton for being goofy and messing with me that I thumped her on the forehead hard enough to leave a mark. She deserved it though. (Nate asked why we always fought. I said she started it, but she argued that I was the adult. She may have had a point.)

Then, I made them scoot from the table and reach out their arms leaving enough space that they could not more than the person next to them's fingertips. They had to hold their Bibles in their laps. Peyton dropped hers twice, and Kailey dropped hers once.

Children! I lost count of how many times I used the word "STOP!"