Who said weekends were for relaxing?

I FINALLY got my front door painted today! The weather was finally nice, I had some time available, and I did it!

Of course, it's hard to see when the glass door is shut. And my camera on my phone doesn't show up right - there's more green to it for a deeper teal vs. blue.

Not being much of a "clean the house" kind of person, at least with a lot of diligence, you'll be impressed to know I also cleaned the top half of the windows across the front of the house after cleaning the door. I wish I could clean under the screen. I don't know how I'm supposed to get that part clean. :/

Then, I went to see the girls animals be sold at auction. The have been the big names in the Corsicana Daily Sun this week!

Check out these links! They are quoted in at least two of them.

Between a track meet Monday night, the Expo and Church, I've barely been home (meaning downstairs) all week. I hope everyone I work with (including and not including my co-workers) survive without me tomorrow, because I am going to the Ranger game!