The Bachelor Finale - POST FINALLY UP!

I wasn't able to blog and watch the show live tonight. I'll have a post up ASAP. I know I am going to have a lot to say. 


By the time I finally have this post made, this finale is old news, and no one will care. As if anyone cared anyway...

This week has been nutty. I got to watch about 30 minutes while getting ready for work Tuesday morning after it aired. I start typing this on Thursday night and I have to watch it again to be able to blog about it.

The finale starts off in St. Lucia with Juan Pablo's family. His parents, brother, sister, cousin, niece and daughter.

Clare is up first. The woman he is physically attracted to like fire. Of course, we hear Clare's catch phrases about "love, love, love" and her really odd facial expressions.

When Juan Pablo speaks to Camilla in Spanish, someone asks her if she speaks Spanish. While her mom is Mexican, and her whole family speaks it, she does not. Not surprising really.

She tells his mom that she "feels love," and "gets her." Mom asks about communication and talks about how he comes off.

Clare strikes me as delusional because she takes what they all say a lot better than how it was intended. She talks a lot about love. His dad was much more of a gentleman than Juan Pablo though Clare says she can tell where he gets his gentlemanly behavior. Clare gushes about Juan Pablo's values to him and how he was raised right. Now, his parents may have raised him well, but I'm not so sure about how he turned out.

These are the words that Juan Pablo's family uses to describe him to Clare.
  • Juan Pablo is super hyperactive. (Mom)
  • He sometimes is very rude. (Mom)
  • He walks away from relationships when there are problems. (Cousin Rodolfo)
They have a make-out session before she leaves.

Next, it's time for Nikki to meet the family members that weren't at Camilla's dance recital and get to know the ones she did meet. She recaps all the places they have been. Why must we always see them recap where they have been? We know all this.

Dad asks Nikki what she thinks about Juan Pablo being a single father. Nikki thinks that Camilla made Juan Pablo the man he is today. Dad thinks she could be a good wife for him.

Mom asks what she thinks their weekends would be like, then tells him it's going to be pretty boring.

More words of warning come from the family. 
  • He's not an easy guy. (Dad)
  • He thinks he knows the truth of everything. (Dad)
  • He thinks of himself. (Dad)
  • Are you sure he's the kind of guy you want? (Mom)
  • Charismatic, but not easy (Mom)
  • I love the guy, and he's a great guy, but when things get rough in a relationship, he walks away. (Cousin Rodolfo)
They raised a lot of questions for Nikki, but she feels like she knows him on another level, and it doesn't raise red flags for her. 

No one, including JP himself know who to choose. He wants to keep both of them around.

Coming back from commercial, Chris Harrison asks a live audience their opinions of what is going on and who they think he will choose. Some aren't fond of Clare. Some think the women should have listed to the family's warnings. Chris talks to Kelly the dog lover who is leery of him with the advice.

Sean and Catherine are there. Sean doesn't have much to say. Catherine says as a person that Juan Pablo is a nice guy, but she doesn't seem to see much positive at the moment in the situation.

And now, I have to stop watching about the same place I stopped before because my laptop battery is about to die and the power cord is upstairs.  

Now, I pick back up at 10:00 on Saturday night while yawning my head off, finally able to pick back up where I left off.

Spending one more day with each woman is how Juan Pablo will make up his mind.

I really wish we did not have to hear the kissing noises between he an Clare. Will Clare's giddiness about possibly getting engaged last?

Every reality show needs time in a helicopter, so off they go. I could also use without him making his weirdly toned comments about her kissing, "aye, aye, aye."

Somehow, and I don't know how, as they were landing, according to Clare, they had a moment alone with just the pilot. "No cameras," she says.  HOW? They were just there? Anyway, as the story goes, Juan Pablo leans over and whispers in here ear. "What I thought was going to be sweet, kind, loving words is not came out of his mouth. I am just shocked. It was just something he said in that moment to me. I almost... I don't have words for it... How I feel right now. He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. He really doesn't know me, and some sexual thing I don't want to repeat. It was insulting. It was repulsive. And it just made me feel awful. Every single woman deserves to be treated with respect. I am not just an object. Maybe I have him all wrong. Maybe he is not the man that I thought he was. I am so confused right now, and I really don't know what to do next. I thought this was going to be one of the most romantic moments of my life, but it wasn't. Knowing that this is or could be our last date ever. If he can't tell me that he knows me well and that this relationship goes further than a physical connection, then I am out of here."

Wow. That giddiness didn't last long, and I had reason to think this "aye, aye, aye" was sleazy.

While she is saying this, the cameras show the two of them walking up a grassy hill hand in hand while there is an insert of the live audience and The Bachelor alum watching and listening.

The cameras don't show what happened on that hill as the next thing we see is Clare in her hotel room upset. She wants to know if it's more than a hook-up, so he comes over to talk. When she leads him in, the first thing he wants is one of his blasted besitos. All about the kissing! He is denied his besito!

He keeps asking, and she ignores him. When they sit down, she tells him she wants to talk about what he chose to say when no one was around on the helicopter. She asks him what he chose to say when no one was around. He breaks out his rico suave tone and says to remind him of what he said. She reminds him that he brought up things that happened in private. "What happened in private stays in private. That's perfect." Thank goodness he didn't say, "that's ok" at this given moment, but I'm just waiting for it.

They supposedly have this great chemistry, but they don't know each other (mutually). He says that he said it was "know each other enough." "That's why you not give me a kiss?" (Bad English intended.) He mutters on about being HONEST (HEARD THAT BEFORE!) and possibly not liking things about each other that they didn't know yet. Very convoluted! She's finally seeing the light (it took her long enough) and wants more than the chemistry he offers. At this point, she's decided this might be the end.

She wants to talk which is very valid. HOWEVER, he is not a conversationalist. He's mumbling on about something again... something about the kissing rule and her breaking it in South Korea. He tries to cover himself about liking some things about her.

He mumbles himself back into good graces by saying they can have a baby in something like a year and two months. Her mood drastically changes. Now she knows it's a lot, a lot more than the physical. Did she just hear what we did? She's a hotter mess than I thought.

Juan Pablo plays a song from there first date/private concert. She loves it and thinks they need to play it at their wedding. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?!?!
NOW she knows they have something special? 

Chris Harrison asks Sharleen what she made of the last scene. She said it was painful and wished that Clare had stuck to her guns more.

Sean Lowe agreed it was painful to watch and thought he talked in circles. Evidently the whole audience signed when she gave in to him.

Next up... Nikki's last date. He knows she's in love with him, but he needs to decide what he thinks of her. He gets his besitos from her.

On the yacht (also a reality show cliche), he asks if she has concerns. She just wishes they could open up more. She admits to possibly being in her own head, but then again, he makes her feel so comfortable. He mumbles on with her about watching sports on TV, sometimes alone. I'm kind of lost, but I'm also shopping online while watching and typing.

That night on the couch in her room, which is much like the Clare sit down. He recaps some of their moments, and tries to dig something out of him. She's nervous and visibly uncomfortable. She replies that she knows he's going to tell her, "I know, it's going to be ok." He kisses her goodnight because obviously, she's not super into him tonight.

Once he leaves, she breaks down in tears.

As both women dress up and prep for their final rose moment. Both women still think there is hope and are in love, even though both wish he could tell them he loves her.

He does not look confident standing out there by his lonesome.

Up first is Clare. She thinks her dad would be proud... she hasn't been in love since before he died. She says that Juan Pablo makes her feel safe. That's not what she let on before. She finally shows some vulnerability standing there now. Then she makes those weird expressions with her mouth. She fills the silence by saying that even though they had their up and down moments, she's ready for this.

Now, he talks. I keep forgetting she was the crazy one who showed up getting out of the limo with the fake pregnancy belly. Had I not kept forgetting this, I would have held that stupidity against her this whole time which is something given how much I've always disliked her.

He says she's there because he wants her there, and that they communicated their way through their problems. He spits out a goodbye, tries to go in for a hug, and she pushes him away. Now, she gets angry. She told him the last hour they were together, she needed reassurance and that she believed in us. She throws at him how he said he could see himself in Sacramento and their babies, and she stuck around because she believed in them. (Then, she brings up Sharleen not having feelings for him. Not sure why.) Clare calls him out on many of them wanting to hear him express what he felt for them. Instead of giving him a chance to tell her when she made his decision, she walks off. She does turn around and tell him off for putting her through the last few minutes the way he did. She lost respect for him and wouldn't want her children having a father like him because he isn't the man she thought he was. 

As Chris Harrison walks her off, Juan Pablo, after seeing her reaction says, "I'm glad I didn't pick her."

BOO! HISS! from the live audience.

It's amazing how rejection brings clarity to the situation.

Aye, aye, aye!

So, Juan Pablo did visit a jeweler and picked out an engagement ring. He has it in his hands prior to Nikki's arrival.

Nikki says that she woke up much differently after being upset the night before. She's expecting him to finally be able to say the things she has been wanting to hear, including that he loves her, and thinks this is it.

Why she expects him to be able to communicate now, I have no idea.

She gets the first words in, sharing her feelings. If I were her, I'd let him speak first in case she was getting rejected. She may be doing the proposing here.

He likes her honesty so much (hers is much kinder than his). He thinks she could be a good stepmother to Camila. Juan Pablo tells her about when he went to her hometown visit and how her father told him to be 100% sure if he was going to propose. He tells her that he has a ring in his pocket, but he is not going to use it. He says he is not 100% sure he wants to propose. However, he likes her a lot, a lot, (repetition intended) and is 100% sure he doesn't want to let her go. He asks her to assept (spelling intended) his final rose.

They share besitos.

After the Final Rose...

So, like everyone predicted, he doesn't actually propose to anyone. Honestly, he shouldn't if he was still making out with more than one woman.

Clare gets her time in the hot seat first. Watching it for the first time was hard. When asked about the helicopter, she doesn't want to repeat it. I'm mixed as to whether or not she made part of it up for attention or giving her credit for not repeating it. In hindsight, she says she should have left instead of letting Juan Pablo pull her back in. (I've had hindsight moments, so I can't blame her there.)

Chris Harrison gives Clare the option of whether or not she wants to talk to Juan Pablo live. Given that she was able to stand up to him the last day in St. Lucia, that was enough closure for her and she doesn't need him to feed her more lines.

Chris Harrison talks to Juan Pablo about Clare, giving him an opportunity to defend himself. JP is relieved that it is finally over. His defense is that he was not there to play games. He remarks that Sharleen and Andi chose to leave - the way he says it is like a jab. The more he talks, the more defensive he gets about the whole thing and cuts off Chris Harrison when he tries to bring things back down again. JP talks about 600 hours being cut down to 20 hours to air. He makes issue about his personal things being personal. He does want to know Clare said though while he plays clueless.

Nikki comes out by herself and claims it has been great. She again professes her love, but she admits Juan Pablo has not put that into words for her. Chris puts her on the hot seat, making her verbally say that she does not know what level he is on since he hasn't said "I love you" to her as of yet.

JP comes back out. He defends not proposing, and throws out that they can go eat a burger now.

Chris asks Juan Pablo about the surprise he promised the producers in St. Lucia. Juan Pablo denies that he had any surprise other than who he chose and how they can now have a relationship. In yet another awkward moment, Chris points out that Nikki says she loves him. "How do you feel about this woman?"

"I feel fantastic." Oh, goodness! This is so over before it even starts.

She looks a little uncomfortable at all this talk about keeping things private.

Again, Chris Harrison asks if he loves her, and Juan Pablo says he is NOT going to answer that question. "We are done with the show. We are SO DONE with the show." JP accuses the show of boxing with him, and calls Chris out on interrupting him (Chris is the host). Then, he starts getting all defensive again.

Poor Sean Lowe gets put on the hot seat about expressing feelings in a similar situation. His wife Catherine looks uncomfortable about the whole thing.

Chris keeps digging and comments on how he figures everyone is throwing things at their TVs right now.

I don't really believe Nikki when she talks about how great and real this all is. Juan Pablo strikes me as being possessive, easily angered, and extremely volatile. He keeps throwing out respecting her dad. He's do arrogant.

Back from a commercial, they mumble on about private greatness and some reference to something that happened two weeks ago. They have plans, but they want to keep it quiet. Private. We keep it private, unlike what Sean says.

Sean informs Juan Pablo that it doesn't stay private after the show. Catherine chimes in that Juan Pablo needs to not slap the hand that fed them - the show that put them together - what they signed up for. Evidently, he never watched the show before which he admits.

I would blame this on an language or cultural thing, but he actually was born and I dare say most of his life has lived in the US. He has been in the US a good bit, at least. I think he's just an arrogant jerk who tries to justify his behavior by saying he is honest. I have news for you Juan Pablo... saying you are honest does not give you grace when it comes to being unkind and flat out rude and disrespectful.

Even Chris Harrison is ready to move on. It's time to announce the next Bachelorette. Andi.

While we all know there is a good chance that I will watch it, I'm saying right now... I really don't want to watch her season. I just don't. I was never one of her fans.

When she comes out, Chris tells her that the show is on television, she should express her feelings, tell the guy she loves him in the end if she does, and that if a guy tells her, "I like you a lot" to run.

She's going to have to step out of her role as Assistant District Attorney to do this. I wonder how easy it's going to be to get back into it.