#TheBachelor Women Tell All... Time for Juan Pablo to defend himself

As tonight's episode of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All begins, I seriously have my doubts that anything beyond the Disney as parent company tie in with The Muppets: Most Wanted to start the show is going to be remotely G-rated.

It really is amazing how many of the 17 women present tonight I do not remember after writing about them.

The conversation begins with the women's first impressions of Juan Pablo. We find out that Kelly's dog Molly was unimpressed.

The women from the outset thought that the accent was sexy and he was more than nice to look at. That's as far as it went.

Overall, the general impression from many of the women was that he didn't show interest in them or that conversation was shallow. Even the women who connected about their children felt like they didn't have anything more to talk about than that. (At least Cassandra thought that though maybe not Renee as much.) Andi's view was that while the women went out to search for a husband that Juan Pablo was just looking for someone to date - a girlfriend.

The next topic: kissing and the ever changing rules of who he was willing to kiss. The general consensus is that he used his daughter as an excuse not to kiss some of the women when the answer should have been, "I'm just not there with you yet."

It's really rather interesting how they largely agree about most everything (and how vocal Kelly the dog woman is) and how it corresponds with the viewers' current perceptions of him.

Kat pointed out that it was awkward when he kept referring to the mothers as "his special ones." I'd wonder where I stood too.

Onto one of the hottest topics of the season, Andi and Kat roomed with Clare and did not realize she had snuck out for the whole ocean thing. They found all the time Juan Pablo and Clare spent together in the hot tub during the group date more disrespectful than her sneaking out because that action wasn't taking time away from the rest of them.

Sharleen thinks Juan Pablo had buyer's remorse with Clare and should have manned up on what happened rather than blaming her. No one thought he handled that part right.

Speaking of Sharleen, she's the first one to take the hot seat with Chris Harrison. He points out how hot/cold and high/low she ran with him. He called their connection intriguing. She liked to kiss him, but of course, there wasn't anything cerebral there. A recap followed of all their moments, especially the kissy, kissy moments. In general, Sharleen is an over-thinker and her problem was thinking about wasn't there even though there was the physical connection. When watching the show, Sharleen was surprised at how high she ranked on Juan Pablo's list. She had no idea she was at the top and may have been the only person he really tried to get to know on a deeper level. Alas, it's a two way street, and she knew he was not the one. And so she left.

Next up is Renee. Chris builds up their special connection - especially the one she thought they had. The one thing they really seemed to have in common was that they parents. There really may not have been anything more. Through most of the recap of their time together, she looks angry. Actually, she looks like she is sucking a lemon or sucking something out of her teeth. She admittedly finds it hard to watch. She really did have feelings for him, but doesn't think expressing those feelings would have mattered. When she asked Juan Pablo if she could kiss him, she really didn't realize just how much he was making out with the other women.

To ruin it for everyone who wanted Renee to be the next Bachelorette, she is in a relationship, so that isn't going to happen. In fact, I just did a search and rumor has it that she is engaged to an old flame.

It is time to talk to Andi. There were a lot of things she liked - he was attractive and fun to spend time with. Going into the fantasy suite, she thought she could be falling in love with him. At first, when the cameras left, it was nice to be away from the cameras. Then, it turned a lot of talk about himself followed by negativity about the process of the show. He made it known that Andi barely made it to that point above Renee. As Juan Pablo talked about his overnight with Clare, Andi remembered it just being clear to her that this was not going to work. Andi makes it clear he was not mean to her though he had no filter and some of what he said was rude. She faked being asleep after a point to be able to wake up and it all be over.

Finally, it is time for Juan Pablo to come out and defend himself. He's a little anxious to face them all again. He says that after the final rose they can all be friends again. He specifically says, "hello Andi."

He admits that his honesty sometimes comes off as rude. He also tells Andi he just says, "it's ok" a lot.

Lauren S. speaks up to say he thought he used Camilla watching the show as a crutch. He gets REALLY defensive about when he chose to kiss people and that he actually had no intentions of letting his daughter watch the show. He brings up conversations he had with Renee and past boyfriends as to why he was how he was with Renee.

Cassandra calls him out what he just said about Renee and Ben by saying that if he really cared about Ben, he shouldn't have gone as far as to meet him on the hometown. By that point, Juan Pablo should have known how he felt about Renee and not have gone through the trouble of meeting Ben.

Chantel tries to point out how unfair he was by calling the moms special. He says that is because they gave up more to be there. Lauren H. points out that they all gave up something to be there that he still should have been more considerate.

Alli said he shouldn't have said the word "fair" so much. Andi decides to defend him on the special thing, but says he was still a jerk about other things.

Andi asked him about searching for a wife vs. girlfriend situation. She brings up the getting to know them factor. He just says, "ok." Sharleen offers her opinion by saying he did get to know her even if others didn't have that.

Kelly brings up his comments about gays that have gotten him in hot water with the media. He tells her that they can have that conversation off screen.

I think that it is Lauren S. who tells Juan Pablo he needs to stop using English as a second language as a crutch because she has only lived in the US 10 years and didn't speak English before age 15. I may have misunderstood part of that though.

Sharleen defends him after he defends himself.

Thankfully, we break the seriousness with some bloopers.

Juan Pablo is sent off with the promise of a sneak peak of what happens on the finale. Before that happens, Chris asks the women what they think will happen. The women are split on whose team they are on. Chris asks if they really think the two women are that different from each other. They all agree the two are polar opposites.

There are shots of both women questioning what is going on after expressing their love. Both women are in tears at some point. I don't think things end well, but we shall see next week.