I cannot believe I got a little emotional at the end of #thebachelorette tonight.

I am trying to blog live along with the show tonight, but I'm not sure how this is going to go. This afternoon I got an odd headache, and I've been dizzy. I'm not sure if I can keep my head on straight for three hours. I'm in a position to keep my head back against the chair, but my laptop cuts off half of the TV screen.

Which also reminds me I won't be able to live blog tomorrow's Bachelor in Paradise because I truly have something much better to do.

Anyway... Robby or Jordan. Jordan or Robby. When she's with one, she thinks of another. I'm sure her family is going to have big opinions. I remember her brothers from last season, and her mother seems rough.

JoJo now knows a little bit about how Ben felt last year when he was torn between loving two women. Now, she loves two men.

Tonight, JoJo can't believe she is in Phuket about to get engaged. She's torn and confused. She won't say, "I love you" to either one as to not hurt one further. When she meets up with her family, she tells them she is between two and having a really hard time.

First up is Jordan. She tells her family that he is the kind of guy she would typically go for, and for that reason, she's worried that he will break her heart.

When Jordan arrives, he admits he arrived a skeptic, but had an instant connection. He takes control of the day. Mom is impressed at his confidence and finds him to be a likeable guy. On the flip side, she thinks he can be a playboy.

Jordan brings them all funny hats from the local market. He wants everyone to have a good laugh and move along.

Mom talks to Jordan about JoJo's trust issues. He finds her to be his best friend (stretch?) and promises her mother that he won't break his heart.

Mom worries that JoJo is usually the center of the party, and Jordan can run a room. Mom's worried the two of them are too much alike. She does like him though.

Dad also talks to Jordan about trust issues. Jordan tells him they have had this conversation. But in the end, Jordan doesn't ask for Dad's hand in marriage even though he had said he definitely would be doing so if he felt it.

Jordan leaves without permission while JoJo is sure that he did and wonders how that conversation went.

Next... Robby arrives. He wants to leave a lasting impression on her family like she left an impression on his. Robby is excited to ask her dad for her hand in marriage. 

I don't know that this is going to go as well. Mom puts him on the hot seat. "What is about my baby girl...?" She finds him to be gentle and soft. At dinner, he shares a moment they had in Uruguay.

What JoJo loves most about Robby is how he makes her feel cherished and adored.

JoJo sits down with the brothers. They talk about how Robby talks about her instead of everything being fun and lighthearted with Jordan. New Year's Eve date or is it going to last?

Mom and Robby talk about commitment and how every moment they are together their love goes. "My daughter is a princess. I want you to make her the queen of your heart."

Mom walks Robby into the room where Dad is. He wants to include both parents in asking the very important question. Robby assures them that Joelle will be the priority of his life. He asks for the blessing of spending his life with her and being a part of their family. Dad lets it slip that JoJo loves him and he is honored that Robby will be in his family.

Well, this wasn't what I expected. The brothers made it clear their feelings, and Robby is the only one to ask permission. Robby made Dad cry. He just wants someone to love her. She realizes her decision should be made on Robby, but she's still not sure yet.

JoJo comes back after Robby leaves to talk with her family. She wants to know what they think

Mom thinks Robby is better husband material and shares that he asked for her hand. Dad thinks Robby is a more logical fit. The younger brother said they all like Jordan, but they think Robby is more committed. The older brother says she doesn't think Jordan is ready, especially without asking permission to marry her. JoJo tries to ask dad about it, but mother and brother keep breaking in.

JoJo is so shocked Jordan didn't ask because he said it was a big talker about asking permission. The brothers ask why she is so fast to defend Jordan when they talk about Robby. Is that a sign she is more into him?

She's crying and wants to know if everyone is Team Robby. The brothers don't want her to jump to a conclusion because she needs to make her own decision. Then she looses it. She's worried that either way she may regret not having made the other choice.

It's time to go on the final dates with each. She never expected to be so conflicted this far in.

First date is Robby. 

Robby is excited for their last day together before he proposes. He asks if her family wanted to join because that would be fine by him. JoJo tells him that her family did love him.

They spend the day on the beach and swimming and kissing underwater. (They are both going to drown, but his hair is still in place!) On the beach he describes their perfect future. There's something about burnt meatloaf (gross). She tells him that she trusts him so much. He's the commitment type.

That night in his suite, it's serious conversation time. What strikes JoJo is how early in the game he said that he loved her. But she never doubts anything he tells her or how he feels about her. Looking through pictures from their journey, she gets really sentimental.

I thought she was going to go for JoJo, but now I'm having my doubts. It may be Robby.

Robby thinks they are solid, but it would really help to hear an "I love you." He understands why, but he's ready to hear it.

The last date is with Jordan. Will she swing back the other way?

Their last date is the boat date. Checking out the chain of islands which to JoJo reminds her of National Geographic. Hey, I'm kind of impressed she made the connection. He's confident. She's emotional.

Jordan is everything she's looking for. Fun. A friend. They're a lot alike. But he didn't ask permission. Why didn't he?

JoJo asks what he thought about her family. He says they are all great. She asks Jordan what he and his dad talked about. He admits he didn't ask because he imagined his whole life of how confident the dad would be about how sure he was. I don't think that sentence made sense. She tells him that after their fantasy suite date and how he talked about asking permission, she's disappointed that he didn't ask. It makes her doubt his sincerity.

Jordan defends the fact he didn't ask because A) he doesn't know that he is JoJo's choice and B) they had not met Robby yet. She thinks all that matters is his feelings outside of what she thinks. That should have been his deal.

I'm the last one to defend Jordan, but the man has a point. It's kind of embarrassing to go through those steps when you don't know if you are THE ONE. What if he gets "the blessing," but come to find out, everyone ends up liking the other guy better. Finally someone is realistic about things. It's not JUST about JoJo in the end. It's a two way street.

JoJo finishes up her date at Jordan's suite. She's frustrated, confused, and the doubts are back. She's going to rehash their conversation from the beach.

She picks up on the word "time." He's had the time to fall in love. What's with time and her dad...?

Jordan told everyone that he wanted to marry her. He makes that known. She said, "we'll never get that chance back."

Then she picks up on the word "if." IF he gets to propose. Think about it JoJo. He may have all the plans in the world to propose, but YOU may choose to not let him. He's aware that's a possibility.

Jordan tells her that he's never doubted it. He wants to get down on one knee once. He knows he's blown it now.

I bet she makes both of them take a knee to prove a point.

Robby is the first one to pick out a ring from Neil Lane. He also writes out a note about how important the day is to both of them.

Jordan decides to put behind him the craziness that he cannot control. He does call the parents on the phone and asks his question. Mom jumps to give him the blessing of the entire family. Once he gets the go ahead, he also writes a note to JoJo. I like the ring Jordan picked better.

With a knock at the door, JoJo goes outside to pick up both notes.

She starts by reading Jordan's note that starts by apologizing for disappointing her yesterday. I haven't liked him all season, but I give him props today. His note was much neater, on nice stationary, unlike Robby's that was ripped out of a notebook that still had the jagged scrappy edge still on it.

After reading both, JoJo thinks she's having a panic attack. It's about that time. Both men are in blue suits so I can't tell you who she rejects in the commercials.

First up... Robby... We see his feet as he exits the limo. I'd have to break up with him for the she and sock combination alone. He starts giving his speech. His family adores her. Their love is like a fairy tale. He'll love her forever. As they hold hands, she keeps trying to pull her hands back. He won't let go. She FINALLY interrupts Robby and tells him she can't let him get on one knee. She woke up wanting it to be him, but her heart belongs to someone else. Oh, but she wanted to be him, she really did. She does love him, BUT...

If she wanted it to be him... she could have made that choice. She walks him to the car where he parts with the words, "don't settle."

Robby wanted to hear that she loved him. She finally said it, but there was a BUT.

JoJo's a hot mess, but has to get it together. She is ready to spend her life with Jordan.

I kind of hate to admit it, but as tonight goes on, Jordan is winning me over more and more. I'd normally call cheezy, but it's romantic how he talks about what he's imagined his whole life. I'm surprised at myself. 

What I'd normally call cocky comes off as attractively confident. Maybe my odd dizziness is a stroke. Something odd is going on for me to become a Jordan fan. He's got a great speech down. She interrupts him to say the big L word. With that, it's the knee. The ring. The ask. The yes. And finally, the rose.

I've been an emotional hot mess lately, and this is actually bringing a tear to my eye. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

With After the Final Rose, Chris Harrison is going to stir up all sorts of stuff!

First up... Robby. How is he doing with watching all of that. For Robby it is a loaded question. Numbness followed by disappointment. 

Robby was so confident, he actually thought JoJo had already sent Jordan home. Poor guy fell fast and fell hard. He might get his chance for answers when JoJo comes out. He's still smitten when she walks out to the couch. 

Robby compliments her on how she looks, asks her show she is, then starts off by asking about their overnight. In a camera interview, she said she didn't want to say "love" until she was sure, but she ended up saying it in the end. 

She didn't want to not say it since it was true. He had been waiting on it for weeks, so he was glad she said it, even if it was in parting. 

Everyone on Twitter is talking about Robby's veneers. I think he may have just really bleached his teeth. They really do stand out tonight. 

JoJo says she didn't see their personalities meshing long term. Poor Robby (I can't believe I just said that either) asks if she ever thought about what if they were still together. It's going to be harder for him to get over JoJo than the girlfriend he had for 3 or 4 years.

JoJo gushes over her ring a minute, then Chris Harrison asks who should be the next Bachelor. She starts off saying Luke or Chase. Then, Chad stands up. He says he deserves love to. He had a hard year. His mom died and it wasn't shown, but Chad was actually a Marine too. 

Chris said maybe Chad should wait until after Paradise because it was a hot mess.

Chris asks JoJo how hard it has been with all the controversy surrounding Jordan and his family drama with Aaron (they love to name drop). They haven't had a lot of support. She doesn't believe the rumors, but that doesn't make them easier.

For the first time in public, we finally get to see JoJo and Jordan together. It's always the kind of weird looking guy (like Shawn Booth). 

Jordan throws "best friend" around a lot. That's what I take from it. I don't see how he can say that given the situation they were brought together in and the time they spent together. But they've made it through all the tabloids together! (sarcasm)

Chris asks if JoJo has met Aaron. The situation is still the same, so no, she has not. JoJo and Jordan are moving in together in Dallas as soon as they get some press done in New York. 

Ben and Lauren give some advice since they've been through it, and Chris has talked about them being in the audience all night long. Not going to lie. By this time, I've grown bored.

Oh, here we are with previews of Bachelor in Paradise. AKA all the girls from Ben's season and guys from JoJo's season with a few Chris and Kaitlyn rejects thrown in. I'm not sure how I'm going to blog on it. Not sure it will be a play by play, but we shall see. 

Until tomorrow...