Bored in Paradise

Thankfully, tonight's episode of Bachelor in Paradise is only an hour long because A) I don't want to blog longer than that for sure and B) Peyton and some friends are over tonight. I don't want to be overly present, but I don't want to ignore them either.

To start the morning, Jared or someone is trying to count his abs? Is it 5?

Josh and Amanda are going after it way too early in the morning. Nick swears to Daniel that he's not mad. Yeah, right.

I'm going to say what I have said before... parents should not go on this show. Period. If they do, they need to be more responsible that to get with any and everyone.

Sarah has a compliment Daniel session. He wants to take her on a date whether he gets the card or not. Poor Sarah may just be taking any attention she gets.

A rare night arrival comes on the scene. It's Christian from JoJo's season. He opens his date card. "Who are you falling for. Choose a date."

The girls all find him attractive. Christian decides to take all the men off to get a lay of the land. he thinks Sarah and Amanda are attractive. The men say there's not a lot of solid relationships, but Josh says he won't get far with Amanda because they are tight.

Christian decides to take Sarah off to talk. She said, "I got Daniel's rose, but I'm not set on him." When Daniel finds out, there's a streak of jealousy. He walks down the beach in a huff.

The next morning, Nick and Daniel are trying to figure out what's going on with Evan and Carly. They talk about Carly not being attracted to him. Daniel wants to give him a makeover.

Carly tells the girls how awful the date and the kiss were. Evan says it was all rainbows and sunshine in his conversation with Vinny. Carly decides she needs to come clean. She goes off to find him and break the news. She thanks him for being sweet when she felt terrible. BUT... last night she was questioning a lot of things. She wants to be his friend, but doesn't want to date him. Evan just nods his head, then fesses up that he really liked her so it was hard to hear. With that, he says he's going upstairs. He's emotional. It was just one date. Too short a time to have such strong feelings. He came here looking for love, but he's probably going home.


Jared comes up to check on Carly and see how the break-up went. He and Carly are able to make jokes.

While Evan is up crying his eyes out, Carly and Daniel talk. How does he think Sarah's date with Christian is going?

Speaking of that date... Sarah and Christian are out zip lining and rock climbing. That must be a little challenging for her since she only has one hand  and handling the rope (not being mean), but she does super well. 

Back at the house, Evan is trying to decide if he should go home or not. So, he decides to do the logical thing and be the third man going after Amanda.

Next man to arrive... Brandon from Des' season. Chris Harrison doesn't even remember him. Chris hands him a date card, and in he goes. No one else recognizes him either. When he introduces himself, Carly realizes he was on the season with her brother Zak.

"Hopefully you are here for the right reasons." Brandon takes Haley off first. Then, takes off Carly. Grant saw Carly's eyes light up when he arrived, and tells everyone. 

However, the date goes to Haley. Carly laments she's doing Paradise even worse this year than last.

Emily gets crazy drunk in middle of the afternoon, but Lace, Amanda, and Izzy are highly amused. She's glad that Jared isn't there to see him like this. And with that, here he comes.

Back to the date we all forgot was going on between Christian and Sarah... He likes her lips. They tell all about their date when the come back to the house. Daniel has a tough time when asked about his day. They'll talk about it later. 

Nick tries to figure out how he is going to get a rose, "now that Josh has a steady diet of Amanda's tongue." He needs a new game plan.

Daniel decides to steal Sarah for a while and take charge. He has a little area set up with some champagne. Daniel makes Sarah laugh all day long, but she wants to know if there's a more serious side to him. He does get serious with her. She asked about him getting jealous. He says it was good she went away in a sense because he realized she was the best girl there. She strokes his ego by saying she thought about how much more fun it would be if she was with him today.

Brandon is flying under the radar on his own date. He's so boring. He tells Haley that he's much more interested in her than Emily, and that he can tell the difference. To see if that is true, Haley and Emily do the "switcheroo" and see if Brandon can tell the difference. Will he notice it's not Haley? Emily acts different than what Haley did, so... She won't let him kiss her - only on the cheek - since Emily's with Jared. 

Since he didn't notice the difference, Haley's not so sure about him.

Everyone is is making out side by side. It's weird. Evan decides he's going to make his move with Amanda. They are both parents. Maybe it's a connection point. He's going to make his own date card. "Evan, you deserve love. Take Amanda to the treehouse." Evan says it was so hard to write that he deserves love, but it gave him strength. He's nervous, but he's going to go for it!

Josh and Amanda are going after it, and Evan walks up to interrupt. And that's it for the night. The previews reveal that Josh does not take it well. 

I am not blogging about After Paradise.