This season of #bachelorinparadise is getting old.

Another night of Bachelor in Paradise, another day with Ash Kardash drama. 

Caila wants to talk to Ash after having a conversation with Jared. Caila says Jared questions her feelings, which Ash says is Caila's problem. Caila says she gets that Ash and Jared are close, but she loves him like a sister. That's the most low-keyed dig she's ever heard. Caila is like, "the two of us don't have to talk for the rest of our time here."

That's going to be awkward, but hey, Ash is the one who can't be mature enough to take a hint.

Jared talks to Ash next. "You talk to Caila?" Jared is like, "I don't think you want to see me hurt, but there's more between me and Caila..." Here comes Ash's tears again. "It's demoralizing. I can't go on."

Jared's such a nice guy, he says, "you shouldn't feel stupid. Here's the point of everything, for better or worse, I need to figure this out on my own. I'm going to be really honest, I want to try to work things out with Caila."

Ash is frustrated there is no one there to distract her from Jared.

Cue the next arrival. But not before Ash orders vodka shots from Jorge. 

Anytime she gets sad about Jared, she asks herself it is her worse week of her life. She decides it isn't because it's not as bad as when her dog, Lucy, died. Cue more tears.

Ash hopes the spirit of Lucy brings her a man. Suddenly, there are lots of dogs barking, then Wells shows up.

Ash's attitude changes immediately.

"Wells, sometimes prayers are answered. Choose a woman who shares your passion." 

Grant takes Wells off to talk.

Ash is attracted to him. The guys, Daniel included, try to lead Wells to Ash out to relieve some of the anxiety. The women, including one of the twins, Caila, and Lace, tell him Ashley.

Wells asks Ashley to talk. Wells likes her Instagram account, but doesn't really know her. Ash likes his Instagram account full of dogs too.

Everyone is gathered in the pool, he extends the invite in front of everyone. (Amazingly, Ash is next to Caila at the pool.) He asks Ashley. The pool erupts in applause. Wells asks if that happens every time.

I don't know what Wells that everyone wants to stick him with Ashley other than they've just had enough of Ashley.

While Ash is away, it's all smiles and laughter. Sunshine and roses. Rainbows and unicorns. At least with Caila and Jared.

However, on the date, to kill the buzz, Ash talks about her tumultuous year of longing after Jared. Oh, and how there's been no one else around until now. Eating their tacos is awkward. Awkward date food.

They talk about their favorite music. Her favorite band is Hanson. What year is this?

Then, they feed a dog. Wells starts answering the questions Ashley asks the dog in a silly voice. Ashley is stoked at how well their date has gone. He moves into a kiss faster than he did with JoJo. Ashley thinks she may be more attracted to him.

They see a lighted lantern floating away, so they go make their own wish and set one off. Their lantern gets set on fire and large chunks fall from the sky.

In other news, Grant is still really into Lace. However, she's getting flirty with some of the other men. Grant takes it personally when she says, "good luck getting a rose this week." He says something to her, and marches off.  

Nick says they are always fighting.

Grant finds Lace again and confronts her. She was disrespectful hitting on Carl. After a blow-up, Lace ends up in tears.

Ashley goes to check on her and tries to quiz how it's going. Amanda comes along too. She hates relationships.

Later that night, Amanda and Josh are sucking face again. They're boring. 

Back to Lace and her drama. She's all "like whatever" upstairs with Jennifer. She comes downstairs where some people are gathered. She gives Grant the cold shoulder. The room gets silent. Then, she gets up sand says she's ready to go home. Grant follows her out. Grant asks if she means it or if she's just emotional. Lace asks why he cares. "Because I love you. I over reacted earlier. I'm sorry." She tells Grant she didn't mean to hurt his feelings earlier. Evidently, they are ok again.

So, Nick and Jennifer. Amanda offers them the fantasy room because she's going to sleep in her own bed tonight. Josh catches them and says, "we're sleeping up there tonight." Jennifer tells him what Amanda said, but he disagrees. Josh will do anything to keep Nick from having a good time. Amanda is out asleep in her room.

Josh asks the producer where Amanda is. "Asleep." Josh goes, wakes her up, and tells her everyone is making a big deal about it. Amanda doesn't know what's going on since she's still half asleep. Josh walks off in a huff.

The next night is cocktail party/rose ceremony night. 

Since Daniel doesn't have a woman, Daniel claims as a Canadian, he is close to Santa Claus and had help making some of the ladies some jewelry. He hands out some flowery bracelets.

Grant and Lace have a little chat. They are all good again.

Evan and Carly have some time to talk. They exchange, "I'm falling in love with you."

Daniel, in desperation, has to try to reconnect with one or more twin. He "flew in" her favorite food from Vegas.  Then, a little wooing of Izzy. He finds a lamp to try to up Brett.

Izzy tells Brett they need to talk because Daniel found a better lamp. Brett woos her back with a kiss.

Amanda tells Josh she has missed him. Other than last night, I don't know when their lips haven't been touching. Josh tells the camera last night was a problem with their communication. Now, Josh is feeding Amanda line after line. I don't recall Josh being such a schmoozer. He doesn't seem genuine.

The twins pull Nick aside. They ask how Nick is doing, but then tell him that they are starting to doubt Josh. Nick tells them, "anything coming from me would seem like bias." They all agree he has a bit of a temper, even with last night and the sleeping situation. Nick brings up Andi's book and how there are some concerning things. They believe Nick.

Before anything else can be said, Chris comes in clicking the glass that it is rose time. The twins don't have a chance to tell Amanda that Nick thinks Josh is there for the wrong reasons. Or maybe it's what all three believe.

Since Vinnie already left this week, only one man is going home.

  1. Carly presents her love, weirdo Evan with a rose. 
  2. Ashley finally is able to give a happy recipient a rose. Wells.
  3. Jennifer chooses Nick.
  4. Izzy gives hers to Brett.
  5. Caila and Jared happily share a rose. 
  6. Lace is back good for the moment with Grant. 
  7. Amanda and Josh.
  8. The twins haven't really found love. They are more worried about Amanda. It's Haley's turn. Emily lets out a deep breath. Haley asks Emily to come up with her and sets the rose down. They have been here five weeks, and in tears, they say it isn't fair to give out roses because they haven't found love. Emily breaks the news that they are leaving. 
With that, Carl, Ryan, and Daniel have to say goodbye too. There's one more thing they have to do before they leave though. 

Haley and Emily tell Amanda they need to talk to her. They drag her away. "What we are about to tell you is going to upset you." The twins are super emotional. They say they doubt Josh's intentions. They think the show is good timing for Josh to try to counter what Andi wrote. The twins say they trust where this came from. Does Amanda trust them? Amanda is sweet and has a good image, that could be why Josh honed in on her. Josh appears to be watching from afar as the twins head off. 

Amanda takes Josh off to talk though he doesn't want to talk. She's confused. He's confused. The twins are her best friends, but they question his intentions. The book. The book. The book. Josh says that is like looking at the gossip magazines. He hasn't done anything for 6 months because his dog has cancer. Where did that come from?

Amanda says she needs to think about it. She doesn't know the twins source, but they believed it. Josh calls everyone down so he can ask around and see who it was that made the accusations. He wants to get to the bottom of the hate that has come up ever since he arrived. He calls them out on being disrespectful and trying to ruin the great relationship he has. He doesn't have time for this. His dog has been sick. Anyone think he's not for real and going to speak up?

Nick says he's not sure. Speaking for himself, he doesn't know if he's genuine. Finally. Some excitement to this evening. 

Nick brings that he keeps talking about "be a man, do the right thing," yet he swooped up Amanda. Josh says, "Just because Amanda doesn't like you..." They squabble while a couple of the women go check on Amanda. 

Nick says that was just one thing, but he just answered the twins question. He also brings up that while Josh says Andi's book is fiction, Nick's part was not fiction. 

While Josh tried to play it cool, signs of anger and the temper were coming out. He tells Izzy and someone else - Lace maybe - I looked down - that he's there for Amanda. Jared quizzes Nick, and says since the twins thought the same thing, they should have gone to Amanda direct. Amanda starts naming off everyone who warned her about Josh. 

Josh tells Amanda he's packed his bags and they can get to know each other there or elsewhere. The twins are like her sisters, but she's tired of people telling her who she should and shouldn't be with. However, now she completely trusts Josh. She promises not to question him ad will stick up for him regardless of what anyone says. "It's not fair that there are other couples, but no one bothers them." She wants to stay there (forget the kids back home!), and they should only leave because they want to, not because of people interfering. Yes, she saw his temper, but he had a reason. Oh, this woman is going to get trampled. 

The next day, Wells is on the beach alone. He must have woken up on radio time. Everyone else is sleeping.

The next new arrival is Jami, set on meeting Wells. It's a good thing because he's the only one awake right now. She's a broadcast journalism major in Canada so they bond. Too bad Daniel is gone.

"Jami - Paradise giveth. Your date is today." She asks Wells out, and he accepts. Still, no one is around. 

Now, Jared and Caila are a little miffed since Ashley is going to wake up and find out Wells is on another date. Ashley finds Nick and Jennifer on the booth. Nick breaks the news to Ashley. Everyone watches from afar. Ashley shrugs it off and says, "that's fine." Jennifer and Nick are amazed.

Everyone is shocked. Yet, now Ashley needs to go talk to Jared. She walks up to the bar, hungry and tells everyone she is fine. Nick asks her what will happen if Wells comes back happy after a date with Jami. She thinks their date will suck because hers was so good.

On the date... Wells and Jami are exploring on an ATV. They hike and explore waterfalls. They discuss her Batman tattoo before sharing their first kiss. Wells thinks he has a lot in common with Jami.

Ashley is still having issues watching Jared and Caila. She still feels backstabbed and doesn't think Caila is genuine. She goes to talk to Caila. "Don't flaunt it in front of me, especially if Wells comes back tight with Jami." Ashley says she's good mentally now, but she's acting really odd. 

Caila asks Ashley if she wants her to go home. Now Caila is in tears. She just wanted to get to know Jared. She didn't want to hurt anyone. 

Caila goes to Jared and tells him it is really hard to be there with Ashley there and that she is going to leave. Jared has to decide to stay or go. That's where tomorrow's episode will start. 

If you aren't getting your way, threaten to go home. This season is getting OLD.