When it is just me, myself, and I

The good news is that so far, doing freelance work is working out for me. I have work coming in and prospects coming up.

While I have been working from home for six years, it's still different not having a co-worker working to either call during the day or message via Facebook. That has been an adjustment.

I also had these big aspirations that if I was the boss of me, I was going to take Friday afternoons off and give myself some down time. Well, that is laughable. Any time that I have taken some time off, I've ended up making up for it with late nights or just had late days. I'm working more hours rather than less. I have no one to delegate to in order to help with that either..

It is just me, myself and I.

This isn't a complaint though. I just need to figure it all out. I must focus better. Wish me luck!