Cream color carpet or orange paneling backdrops

As I was saying in last night's post, I really need better options for photographing product. My goal for the weekend is finishing up some odds and ends on some of my craft projects, get them photographed and into boxes. Some have been sitting on my kitchen table or propped up against my bench for at least a week, maybe more. I lose track of time.

In addition to bad lighting, I don't have a solid white wall in my house. Well, the walls in the office are white, but they are short and have furniture in front of them. The walls in my bedrooms are cashew colored, but there's too many things hanging on them. All of my doors except the ones up in the office are also 1960s orange wood grain. The ones upstairs are inconvenient and paneled, so that makes it hard for pictures too. 

My front door is painted teal which in some cases is fine to show what product would look like on the front door. However, I also have to contend with the glass door in front of it and the fact it has a window in it which doesn't help.

The alternative is using the carpet as a background which I have done a lot. That doesn't look good either. 

Scroll on down to where I have a hutch in the background. My furniture blends in with the walls it is in front of. 

Help me with ideas of how to do this better.