Because I don't have anything else to do... I want to rearrange my office

I get these whims where I want to rearrange furniture. Before I moved into this house, I tried to move around my living room often, only to put everything back the way it was. A couple of times, I even moved around my bedroom furniture all by myself.

Now, my furniture pretty much has to stay where it is, especially in the living room. There is literally no other way it will fit.

But, my office... it's a big enough space where it can be. The problem is, plugs, of course. Not all of my plugs are three-pronged either. (The house is older.)

So, given, I have tons of work I am trying to do, and crafts to make, I want to rearrange my office. That means lots of books to move if I want to move a shelf even a matter of inches.

I really, really want to move stuff around, but I really, really don't want to move it back if I hate it.

Here's the before picture. Maybe next week I'll have an after to share. I have to log off now and go downstairs. It's scary up here during a storm, especially a hailstorm where rain is blowing under the door.