A great big thump in the head

Last weekend on the craft show front was basically a gigantic bust.

Mom and Dad were over at April in Edom, a two-day event Dad has been chomping at the bit to do for the past couple of years. I have been hesitant because it is an outdoor event, and the weather is rarely ever kind to us. It's also a dog and turkey leg event, meaning if you can bring your dog, you're tending to your dog, not shopping. If you are carrying around a turkey leg, you also do not have your hands free to shop.

The first thirty minutes seemed promising, then the weather went south. Actually, I guess it went east or southeast. Whatever direction the clouds moved, it rained. It rained so much, all the vendors closed up shop and went home early. Dad also said every dog in the county made an appearance on Saturday. There were more for the pet parade on Sunday (a huge joke - technically a rather small one because the parade only lasted about 20 seconds as it passed by the booth). Sunday, when I went over, I most definitely saw a turkey leg go by.

Between the gas to get back and forth, meals and the trailer we had to rent in order to get our stuff over there, we would have been financially better off to stay at home.

Meanwhile, my event did cover expenses plus a little more. Everyone I heard said they did better last year. I don't know what they did to advertise, but the only signs I saw when I drove up Saturday morning were the ones the tamale ladies put out at the turn in to the school.

People just don't shop in the spring, and the turnout is never all that great. After the two more we have in the next month, we may never do another spring event. We'll just do the fall events at proven places where we know we'll do well.

Next weekend is Derrick Days here in Corsicana which is also an outdoor dog and turkey leg event, but it won't cost us like going out of town will. The problem is, we paid for our booth last year and Mom and Dan weren't able to even get a tent up. The weather better be kind because the last couple of weekends have been cold and rainy.

Thankfully, Dad is on the same page. He has told me I can thump him on the head the next time he mentions some outdoor event he wants to do. Believe me, I will take him up on that.