Embracing A Heavenly Mindset

Popular Mommy Blogger Helps Moms
to Claim True Hope and Meaning

Following the birth of her second child, life was good for Bennett. Everything she had dreamed of for herself had come to pass, and it was all she had imagined, but also fragile. Because life is so uncertain she began to fear that she would lose it. Longing for hope, she entered a season of deep reflection on eternity. It was during that time her perspective changed as she shifter her focus to heaven and the promises of the life to come.

“In the Bible, God compares himself to a potter. When a potter works with clay, sometimes he makes small refining adjustments to his creation. Other times, he crushes it in order to make something complete, new, better, and different,” writes Bennett. “That’s the best way I can describe what he did in my life through that season of undoing. He didn’t give me a slightly better perspective. He gave me completely new eyes.”

In Heavenly Minded Mom, Bennett beckons mothers into a new way of viewing their present reality by rising above the ordinary and routine to see a bigger plan and purpose for motherhood. The book offers moms the wisdom of Ecclesiastes, wrapped in the hope of the Gospel, and presented in bite-sized portions. The 90 compelling meditations, Scripture readings, and invitations to journal and reflect, will encourage moms to reevaluate how they envision their lives and to claim a heavenly mindset towards their mothering tasks.  These inspirational readings will help them discover a new way of seeing their responsibilities as moms through God’s eyes.

Bennett calls moms to embrace a simpler life filled with God’s promises and love as they reflect on God’s powerful work—both in how it has woven through their past and present and in anticipation of its impact on the future. “As mothers, we must keep our eyes on eternity (Jesus) because it is the source from which lasting meaning flows. My hope is Heavenly Minded Mom will open women’s eyes to the brevity of life so that they will not waste it pursing the wind.”


Katie Bennett is the author of Heavenly Minded Mom and the creator of the Top Mommy Bloggers’ award-winning blog and podcast, Embracing a Simple Life. Through the blog, she encourages women stop loving the world and instead follow Jesus with everything they've got.

An educator by trade, Katie stepped out of the career world and embraced a no frills, no extravagance or excess lifestyle. Just Jesus and her family—clearing out the excess and making the most of what matters most.

Katie, her husband, Mitch and their three young children live in the St. Louis, MO area.