Derrick Days

What a difference a week makes! Last Saturday was rainy and cold. This Saturday was sunny and hot. In fact, by late afternoon, it was very hot.

Thanks goodness!

Derrick Days in Corsicana was good to us this year. Last year, the weather was so bad Mom and Dad couldn't set up the tent without it blowing down the street, so we completely lost out. This year, the wind didn't blow until later in the day. Dad didn't even tie the tent downs until 3:00.

It's the only outdoor show we have done worth the risk of the weather. The only "dog and turkey leg" event we'll do going forward, possibly the only spring show we do from here on out.

One thing I do have to say about my hometown... crowds come out for Derrick Days.

Dad cut a few books as a demonstration. That really wasn't a big deal, or at least like we thought it would be. However, for anyone asking how we cut them, we could show them what a scroll saw is. I wanted to try my hand at cutting a book, but Dad said I could come over and cut some in air conditioning.

If you see anything you like, let me know. I'll sure ship items to you!