Here, there and everywhere

I have a really bad habit of staying up too late every night the week leading up to a craft event. For some reason, I neurotically think I have to get all these items done even though we have a lot of other merchandise to take. 

During the fall, yes, there are things I need to make in between events. In the spring, chances are, I'm not going t need them anyway.

Yet, this week, I made pineapples. (I also made home plates. I didn't take pictures of them though.)

This staying up late and making extra stock that need hangers on them meant Dad needed to come over and put said hangers on Friday morning. I had a few more boxes he needed to pick up to load in the trailers (yes, plural since we are headed in two different directions). This means I was starting work late for the day.

Dad, being concerned about where the booth was located in Edom, made plans to go and put up the tent when set-up started at 3 PM instead of doing it in the morning. He talked like he would go do this on his own. The actual expectation was that I would go as well. That was not in my plans for the work week. So, I started late and needed to leave at 1:30 PM. I did not get all I needed done.

So, we went off to Edom, got the tent up, came home, picked up my car and the other trailer, then went to Mansfield for a 7 PM set-up. We were there until close to 9 PM and stopped to eat on the way home. When I got home, I had something that had to be done for a client for the weekend. 

I don't suggest working at midnight, then having to get back up at 6 AM to head up the road for a craft event. 

People are surprised we'd go back and forth to either place based on where we live. I think they really wonder about us when they find out we did set-ups in both locations in one afternoon. Edom is an hour and ten minutes to the east. Mansfield is about an hour northwest.