I can probably handle making some graphics

As I branch out into this new thing I currently call Audra Jennings PR, I'm doing some different things that I didn't do as a part of my everyday work day before. I'm doing more author assistant and social media management than I did in the past.

One of the questions that has come up a couple of times is, "Can you create the graphics I might need?"

Now granted, I haven't been making graphics in a good long while. Elizabeth did all our graphics at Litfuse. However, especially with a little practice, I should be able to handle them fairly well.

What is not a well-known fact about me (unless you have known me a long time) is that I went to college to be a graphic designer.

Random fact: I never took an art class before college. However, I did do the artwork for my parents' sports store when I was in high school. That was enough to get me an art scholarship for my first two years of college. I went on to the University of North Texas which is well-known for its art and music programs. While there's a long story regarding portfolio reviews and having to change my major from communication design to general art, I do actually have a degree in art.

The typography class was probably pretty helpful when it comes to my lettering skills. There was a whole class of coloring with markers though it was more technical than my paint pens for sure.

For a year after college, I actually did work as a graphic designer. That was before my very brief stint as a school teacher.

I did a little design work after that. I even created the original Westhill Church of Christ website without a template. All from scratch in Dreamweaver.

Yet, that really was a long time ago. I haven't had all the fancy software on my computer since my computers upgraded beyond the capability of the version I had, and it wasn't worth it to me at that point to buy up. So, yeah, I am out of practice. Hopefully, it's like riding a bike, at least Photoshop will be, because I'm going to have to start after it really soon.