Back to a boring post about not much

I did spend a good chunk of a Saturday in the craft room, but I was working on projects you'd either seen before and on orders that weren't particularly exciting. One was a wooden letter to be signed for a wedding, but it was just painted beige.

Another was a slat to be added to a sign that I made a year and a half ago. I don't want to post that picture because that was a "once and don't want to advertise it" project.

I have been trying to low ball sellers on eBay again. I only ended up with one out of three of those "Or Best Offers" this weekend. That means I will only have 47 more books that I need to find a place to put when they come in. I really am becoming a hoarder.

I'm hoping by next weekend to have some more canvases to share here, but I need to write my script for Vacation Bible School since we are only two weeks away. What's bad is the kids at church that I asked to participate are asking me when I'm going to have it ready. Whoops!

I REALLY need to get to work on that.