It's all a big blur

Today's post is just a boring little update.

I am getting definitively old. My weeks are blurring one into another, especially since I have been trying to catch up on some work. My still learning the right balance.

I looked at my Instagram account and realized I had one share in like two weeks. What happened to my grand plans to post daily? I post daily for my clients. Posting daily photos of my office would get old, I suppose. I haven't been creating in the studio lately, but I need to soon. I feel that I NEEEEED to. Spending a few hours in the studio tonight marking books to be cut does not count.

Speaking of which, I have more and more piles of books. One box of 50 though arrived with 22 books missing. (Replacements are on the way.) Somewhere between Wichita, Kansas and here, there's a stack of Reader's Digest Condensed books. You'd think when they started falling out of a box all ripped up they would have figured out where they came from. The box had to be be completely taped up on two edges. The third one had one single piece of tape across. it.

I should have a contest for people to guess how many uncut books I have sitting around my house. I really couldn't tell you, but they are multiplying faster than bunnies. I should go through them pretty quickly in the fall. Speaking of which, I'm trying to get my fall events booked up.

In the good news category, my technology is finally all behaving. It's a miracle! I'm even adapting to my Mac now that I have a mouse. I can be productive! At least, if I'm not productive, it's not because of technological glitches. My problem now is my new floor mats at my desk I got since my old one was cracked up. I actually have two next to each other as I slide from one desk to another. I'm also rolling off, and when my wheel catches, I hear a crunch that has me convinced every time I cracked the new ones. In the process of getting stuck, I keep catching the back of my heal on the mat. I have scratches across my heel, and I guarantee you I am going to hurt myself. Seriously. It's going to be one of those freak things you hear about and question the reality of on Facebook.