The time has come to cut the drama on #thebachelorette

It's 10:30 PM, and I should really just go to bed. Yet, I'm full of angst and about to start The Bachelorette. It's not that I had a bad day. Even if after I quit for the day I found out I need to reschedule two interviews and cancel another because someone (not me this time) wasn't paying attention.

My moments of most annoyance (and I had a few) weren't work related today (even though I had to re-enter Excel data because of a bad save unlike anything I've ever had happen in Excel before). I even had an encouraging time talking to someone I had not spoken to in quite some time. Yet, when I walked in the door late, I was bombarded by a call from someone angsty at me for no reason. I called back to say I checked something and explained why I wasn't thinking along a line for some reason, and let's just say that call ended in a hang up (not me this time).

So, I may not finish all this post tonight. I may have to revisit it tomorrow, but we'll see how it goes.

At least we know the David vs. Jordan feud ends tonight with one or both of them going home after the two-on-one date. At least I have that to look forward to.

The twelve remaining men and Becca have headed to Las Vegas to "roll the dice on love." Sin City is the perfect place to take risks on this journey.

Their first morning in town, Colton predicts the two on one is coming soon. It's not the first date though. Chris reads the card. "Colton, let's ride off into the sunset together."

The card might have hinted a horseback riding date, but now. It's camel riding. Becca wants to see if there is any chemistry since they have started off slower than some of the other relationships. They ride to a hot tub in middle of the dessert. Depending on the time of year there, a kiddie pool may have been better appreciated.

Back at the hotel, David and Jordan are annoying one another which entertains all the other men.

Becca and Colton step into the tub of boiling water. It seems odd to be there in bright daylight. Hot tubbing seems more like an evening activity, but what do I know?

Becca decides there is chemistry after all and that it is good. That night, when it's time to talk about past relationships, Colton says he has only been in love once. She broke up with him. She didn't love him back. He doesn't want her thinking that just because he's only been in love once that he's not ready to be in love. He doesn't say "I love you" or "I'm falling in love" lightly.

New date card arrives back at the hotel, "Wills, Garrett, Blake, John, Connor, Leo, Lincoln, Jason, Chris... I'm looking for my Mr. Las Vegas."

The guys easily figure out David and Jordan are the two left. At least it should have been easy. Of course, to the camera, the insults are hurled from each man about the other. 

Back to the date again. Same page. Faced obstacles. Here's the rose. Private trip down the strip on the top level of a bus. The guys all see one of the marquees lit up with, "Kiss her!"

The next day they all head out to Wayne Newton's ranch. They tour and see all his collectibles. He has had so much work done to his face. It's completely stretched tight and botox frozen. It looks like a mask. "Ohmyface, darling I can't move my face. I can't express joy or pain." (Sing that to the tune of Danke Schoen.)

Back at the hotel, David is asking Jordan if he is wearing the golden underpants on his date and points out one of them is going home. 

At the ranch, the men have to write a song about their experience with Becca so far. Chris feels confident since he's had to write lyrics on another date.

Lincoln is using some of his native language.

Now as we get a closer look at Wayne, it looks like part of his face was burned off. Maybe it was and I just don't know about his accident. I know his teeth are also the whitest false teeth I have ever seen.

The men are going to have to sing in front of a live Vegas audience. They dress in their Sinatra inspired tuxes and head off.

John is up first. Bless his heart. I'll leave it at that.

Garrett is not any better. It gets worse with Lincoln. Connor mentions his flinging Lincoln's picture frame off the roof.

Why is hairy Leo still around?

Chris tries to throw some Spanish into his version. Becca this his energy and enthusiasm is hot.

She thinks lots of things are hot. That's kind of her thing.

Then, it's time for the men to ya ya at each other while Becca takes them off one by one for alone time.

At the hotel the final date card arrives. Colton pulls it out, "David and Colton. Meet me in the Valley of Fire." With that, Colton drops the card on the table and sits down to listen to them bicker.  Colton says they remind him of two rams butting horns. He tells them they may push themselves both off the mountain.

Chris isn't bothered by the other men spending time with Becca. They can't bring what he can bring. He's getting cocky.

Blake tells Becca that he's falling in love with her. Supposedly they were gone 35-40 minutes. She comes back and apologizes for not being able to spend individual time with everyone. With that, she gives Blake the rose. Chris is seething. He is shook. He is hurt. He thinks she doesn't want him, so he might go home. Connor says he didn't spend time with her last week, but he's still there. Chris says Connor isn't on the same level as him. He just might back his bags.

As she left, Becca stated she was nervous about the next day, so was turning in.

The next day, both men are confident. David to an annoying level considering how obsessed he is with Jordan's golden underpants. When they arrive, Becca acknowledges what a bad rap the two-on-one has, but she wants to just have a good time. They go off-roading in a Jeep. 

Becca takes David off to talk first. His voice is annoying. In true to bad form, he brings up the other guy and bad mouths him. He says Jordan is always talking about the other women he would like to date. Feeling he exposed Jordan for who he is, he's so happy now.

When Becca takes Jordan off, she asks him about the comments regarding the women he wants to date. She says in their time alone, he makes her laugh, but she doesn't know much more about him. He goes into a story about his mom having multiple mental illnesses and the rough time he had growing up.

Becca decides she needs time to think.

When Jordan comes back, the men continue pick at each other and argue. David goes on about Jordan's Tinder profile again.

When Becca arrives back, she is annoyed with how the men keep going on. She says as much. She walks off again. The guys argue again.

She comes back. She goes ahead and sends David home. However, she's not sure she wants to give Jordan the rose yet.

David is on his own, in middle of the dessert.

This is where I have to stop for the night because it is midnight, and I keep falling asleep with my finger on the K key on the computer. I have no idea why K, it just is.

... Now I'm not getting started back again until 10:00 on Tuesday night.

Becca and Jordan head to "dinner." Becca was annoyed at how the day went because Jordan had to defend his character the whole day. David was certainly annoying, but not as annoying as Jordan. So far, all Becca sees in him is a laugh. His question is what her weekends look like. She tells her weekend.

He starts off talking about how much he has to work out and keep up his appearance. She asks how realistic Zoolander is. He makes a bunch of dumb faces. He wishes he could show off his portfolio. She finally sees that all he talks about is himself.

Back at the hotel Chris is whining and carrying on about his place in the pecking order. Becca needs to show him that she wants him there now. If she doesn't, he is going to say goodbye now.

Jordan makes an awkward move to kiss her. Like really lame. Becca picks up the rose. She starts off by talking about how the day wasn't easy. She wanted them to get to know each other. He's one of a kind, but there's something missing there. She doesn't feel like she can give him the rose tonight.


Of course, Jordan didn't see this coming. He set out to be a better man than David, but it doesn't seem like it since they left on the same day. He is so great, he wishes he knew what Becca didn't like about him.

Fireworks are going off as he leaves. At first the guys think it means Jordan's coming back. However, they realize it is a great celebration of his departure.

I really did figure both were going home.

Leap forward to the next night when everyone is headed to the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. 

Chris is still whining and Leo has heard enough. When Becca arrives, she tells them yesterday took a toll on her. She does take Chris out first. She's confused. First he didn't spend time with her at the group date, then she heard about how made comments to the men about not wanting to be there.

Becca tells him he should have come to her. I said, you said, he said, you said, I said, blah, blah, blah defensiveness. She gets frustrated, so leaves him before she gets more annoyed.

Chris is upset that she doesn't look at him this week like she did last week. If he wanted to leave, he would have left already. What a bunch of wishy washy people. "She doesn't want me here man." Now big tough guy is on the verge of tears.

Becca is talking to Wills, and Chris interrupts. Becca says they JUST sat down. Wills gives them two minutes. Chris tries to tell Becca it was a misunderstanding. Wills comes back and says, "Time's up." He's not budging. Becca's silent. Finally, she tells Chris that she will come find him later. Wills cockily settles back in on the couch. He and his ugly giant plaid head-to-toe suit.

When Wills finishes his time with Becca, he is smug as he comes back to the group and speaks to Chris. Now those two start trading barbs. Then, they all start mouthing. Chris is going to do what's best for Chris though.

Becca comes to get Chris, then he does all the talking. I was scared. I care so much about you...

When Chris comes back to the group, Chris Harrison comes in to ring the glass and get Becca. She needs to go think.

It's time for roses. 

Blake and Colton have theirs...

  1. Garrett (I think I like him)
  2. Jason (Kind of surprised he is still around)
  3. Wills (I hope he has an epiphany after seeing how that suit looks on TV)
  4. Lincoln
  5. Leo
  6. Connor
  7. Chris
Going home is John. Just not a stand out. Neither are some of the other guys like Jason. They are all going to go down like flies now.

I think in the final four will be Blake, Colton, Garrett and ... Connor maybe. 

They are now heading to Richmond, VA. I thought most of the drama had gone home, but someone's going to ramp it up next week.