The struggle is so very real

I've ranted about my technology issues for weeks here on the blog. In addition to locking myself out of the Mac earlier in the week, I have had numerous problems on other computers. After calling AT&T more times than I could count over a two week period, I finally had someone come out to test the lines this morning. There were times where the internet was so slow, I couldn't function.

There was something with the line, they needed to back me down to a slower package because of capabilities, and then my laptop was drawing more data than it should have been. Something there was holding things up.

At the same time, I couldn't get Photoshop to save an image as a jpg to save my life. Then, it wouldn't open That's a bit problematic.

So, instead of being productive, I decide to go back to restore points on both computers to see if I could go back to before the latest Windows updates to see if that would help because things have been getting progressively worse.

On my laptop, the restore failed because I still had my anti-virus on. When I tried again, I had an disc error that made it impossible to move forward without a reset. My files all saved, but other than that, I had to get wiped clean. That always scares me, especially the longer it takes to do its thing. Then, I had to re-download all my programs to install.

On my desktop, I had to re-install some things too. I kept trying to install older versions of Photoshop and search for fixes when it was a common problem people looked for. Finally, late, late into the night, I changed some computer registry settings to have it back working correctly.

This all sounds like loads of weekend fun, right? Maybe, next week, I can move forward.

This is literally consuming my days and nights.

If I weren't grossed out at the thought of not bathing for weeks on end, had a proper bathroom and any physical skill, I would apply for Survivor to get away from technology.

UPDATE: I had my email back-up file imported in, then had to move it around to get it to sync and accidentally deleted some folders I thought had moved, but didn't. I spent 3 hours on Tuesday night after VBS sorting the 3000 emails that were thankfully on my other computer so that I could put them in new Gmail email folders to be able to access them on my laptop. My Google Drive files have all had to sync onto my computer yet again. 

One of my author client's thinks I may be cursed. Maybe so, but there isn't away to fis that.