Even more odd things going down on #thebachelorette

Urg. I had watch the last ten minutes online. 
Here I go back posting this week’s episode of The Bachelorette again. I was going to work on it after getting back from Peyton’s softball game, but my parents’ air conditioner went out and they needed to come over here to sleep, so it wasn’t a good time to start work on it.

Of course, here I actually am on Tuesday after long day. Terrific in that there’s a good job announcement to make (more on that tomorrow’s post), but also maddening in how I ended up on the phone with tech support for two hours. (This time not with AT&T, but had to be on chat with them yesterday, and I’m waiting for another new router. Because my internet keeps spacing in and out, I am having to type this as a word doc to paste into the blog.)

Anyway… 10 PM Tuesday hoping to get this in before I fall asleep typing from the chair in my living room.

This week’s episode starts on a rainy day where David is complaining about Jordan, especially his roaming unclothed. Jordan talks about David being a dry chicken with no sense of humor who is always cooking scrambled eggs.

Colton is still wondering where things stand with Becca. I finally understand what her issue was with him dating Tia. She thinks he’s only there because he was hoping Tia would have been The Bachelorette. I didn’t put that together until she talked about it in the previews. I don’t know why I didn’t get that before. I just didn’t.

Chris Harrison arrives with the date card happy that Jordan has on some clothes instead of just his swimsuit. He asks what else is going on. He tells them that Becca has gotten really serious. There will be two group dates and a one-on-one. No two-on-one to get rid of David and Jordan at the same time or Lincoln and Connor.

After leaving the card, Blake reads it. “Wills, Jason, Jordan, David, Jean Blanc and Colton. It’s time to relax.”

Jordan is annoyed about going with David. Colton is ready to make a move and get past the speed bump.

Before the men arrive, a bunch of the women from last season join Becca for mimosas. They are going to the spa and will be the extra eyes and ears. Becca brings up Colton to Tia. Bekah (the weed farmer too young for Arie) asks questions and puts together the Colton hoping Tia was the bachelorette part. I’m not sure if that sentence made sense.

Becca informs the men that they are the ones doing the pampering instead of being pampered themselves. The men go in and meet the women. Colton thinks it’s one of his worst nightmares to be there with Tia given he was on thin ice.

When Becca introduces the men, she stumbles over remember Jason’s name. He didn’t go on a date last week, so out of sight, out of mind.

Jason and Colton talk about the awkwardness of Tia being there. He’s the only one that knew about the Colton situation from Colton himself.

I’m never going to get the episode finished. I already had to pose to rest my eyes.

One of the things the women are watching is to make sure the men are actually paying attention and spending extra time with Becca.

Becca takes Tia off to talk. Tia says Colton told her about getting picked on the show soon after when they met. She still doesn’t know if he has the right intentions, so will have to talk to him later. I’m tired of hearing about it already.

When Becca arrives for the evening part of the date, Wills pulls Becca off first. Snooze.

Becca tells Jason she really did remember his name and that he makes her a little nervous (in a good way). They start a make-out session.

Jordan talks in front of the other men about getting an email congratulating him on 4000 matches on Tinder. They ask him how much swiping he had to do and how much time he had to spend each day.

When David talks to Becca, he’s obnoxious. I hate the sound of his voice right now. He tells her he gets along with everyone except Jordan who walks around undressed. (Jordan wasn’t completely naked even though everyone else was in suits. Yes, he was being a turd and should have gotten dressed instead of wearing a blanket to the rose ceremony, but why bring it up.) Becca interrupts him to remind him of the chicken suit. He also tattles on the Tinder thing.

Becca comes back around later congratulating Jordan on his matches. David and Jordan have some battle of the words. Jordan goes to talk to Becca next. She says he has a sense of humor. He says he has a hard time finding a hard time finding 100% match on intensity. He defends his masculinity while being in his element of pampering. His ego is HUGE.

When Jordan joins the group again, it’s David vs. Jordan. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I think some of the guys are creating a drinking game with all this. David accuses Jordan of being there to build his modeling career. Jordan starts bragging on himself and his image and his professionalty. Jordan and his made-up words may be the most annoying thing about him when there are so many annoying things.

Back at the house, the next date card arrives. “Chris - Let’s make your heart sing.” That’s all there is to that.

Group date… Colton and his blahblahblahblah to Jason. Becca still yadayadayada… here for me… She sits Colton down to talk about it. He wants her to know he’s being serious. For all the muttering and nothing particularly convincing in the conversation that I heard, I’m surprised that Becca gives Colton the rose.

Next day… next date… Becca and Chris head off in a limo. They arrive at Capitol Records. When they go in, Richard Marx is playing the piano. I don’t know how Chris recognizes him. Lines had to be fed to him. Yes, I know who he is, but after 20 something years since his last hit, I wouldn’t recognize him.

Becca tries to sing, “Right Here Waiting for You” with him, and it is painful. Richard says for the date they will be writing a song. Chris has a mini meltdown because he’s afraid of being vulnerable this early on. There’s some sappy sharing of bad lyrics/poetry. Awkward. Richard plays the guitar some. Becca and Chris dance around the floor.

Then there is a 10-15 minute interruption with live news break of President Trump and Kim Jong-Un -shaking hands. The show then resumes in its entirety, but my DVR is going to cut off before the end. I’m going to have to pull that up online which annoys me.

The final date card of the night arrives, “Clay, Leo, Christon, Ryan, John, Garrett, Mike, Lincoln, Connor, Blake - we can tackle anything together.”

Nick is the odd man out without a date. Both football players should have been on the same date to side into teams. In middle of all the men, Jordan tells Colton he has a question for him that he can ask there or pull him aside to ask. Jordan asks him about the Tia thing. David starts in on Jordan again.

Dinner with Chris… rehash what had made him nervous - writing things down and expressing himself. He didn’t want to build up feelings to be brought down. He starts talking about his father leaving his family on New Years Even when he was 7 years old. It’s an odd transition/time to reveal this. Evidently, he wrote a letter to his dad after many years, and his dad didn’t write back. This was why he got emotional. He gets the date rose.

Cue private concert with Richard Marx. I can’t name one song he sang other than “Right Here Waiting for You.”

At the house, David is carried out of the house on a stretcher. Basher from Oceans 11, I mean Lincoln talks about how there is blood everywhere and how they hope David lives. A dramatically edited moment that concludes with Jordan sitting by himself in the living room before cutting to commercial.

A shot of a little bit of blood on the floor opens the next segment of the show. Some of the men talk about the bloody scene. Chris Harrison shows up at Becca’s hotel to tell her that there was an incident and one of the guys was rushed to the hospital and is in intensive care. Busted nose. Busted face. Becca asks who did it. All this is told very dramatically. Then, Chris Harrison reveals this happened after David fell out of bed. Becca and Chris call him. David laughs it off saying he’s used to sleeping in a king-sized bed.

Jordan puts a rail on the bed to keep it from happening again.

Moving along to the group date. A couple of female football players come out to show them how it’s done. They go through drills and try to show off.

Clay shows his aggressive side - we’ve only seen nice Clay so far, and Becca likes seeing him in his element.

They suit up in full gear to really get into the game. They are all playing to win. Clay does not want to lose (he ties the game in the last play) and hurts his wrist. They have to call in the medic.

The evening portion of the date takes place in an antique shop. That’s bizarre and random.

Blake is already talking about how weird it is being on a group date after being on the one-on-one. He calls her his girlfriend and this makes her giddy.

Clay comes back to the date with a sling. An ortho has to check it out tomorrow. She tells him about how it was fun to see him in his element, but he didn’t rub it in to anyone.

When they all come back together, she wants to give the rose to someone who makes her feel like a princess. She gives it to Clay.

Here is where I have to try to get the online video to work for me. My internet connection may give me fits!

Cocktail party time!

Nick is plotting his move. Without a date, he has to make up for lost time. When Becca arrives and makes her toast, you can really hear her ice rattling in her glass.

But first, Connor has to take her out to the driveway for some t-ball because he acknowledges he’s not much of a football player.

By this point, Clay has seen the ortho who told him he needed to have surgery to fix his wrist. She doesn’t want to lose the chance of having something with Becca, but needs surgery so he can play football and earn his pay for the next few years. He has to sit down and talk to her about it. He claims it’s the hardest decision he’s ever had to make. He knows it’s the choice he has to make… to leave. Now, he was sitting on a bench in front of the fireplace, and when he gets up, he puts weight on his splinted wrist as he uses that hand to push himself up. If it was hurting that bad, he wouldn’t have been doing that. He tells Becca he has to leave to provide for his family. She was starting to have feelings for him. HMMMM.

This really upsets Becca, and that’s where we have to leave it for the week. I hate it when we don’t get the rose ceremony at the end of every episode. Urg.